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Imagine a Best Buy, but without those poor guys that got stuck working in appliances and car audio. You’ve summed up Dick’s writing right there. When he’s not blogging for Bonus View, you can find him writing about home theater gear and gamesHigh-Def Digest, high end electronics at AVRev, and photography over at Steve’s Digicams. Steam and Xbox Live: Gonzodamus

HDTV Catch-Up: NBC Thursday

We’re over halfway through the season for NBC’s Thursday night comedies, and it’s about time to look back and review.  The last three weeks have had plenty of ups and downs, so here’s a look at what’s been going on before we move ...

The Real Cost of 3-D

Let’s assume you’re a fan of the 3-D movement. You were wowed by ‘Up’ and ‘Coraline’, and your mind was blown by ‘Avatar’, which you saw at least twice. You’re sold on the idea of more movies going 3-D and you’re ready to pick up ...