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Aaron Peck is a seasoned film critic. He's spent his days reviewing Blu-rays for High-Def Digest, and writing film reviews and feature articles for He's also a member of the Utah Film Critics Association.

TV Madness: Bauer vs. Echo

It looks like Fox Mulder finally met his match in a sexy half-human/half-machine hybrid. Now let’s see what Jack Bauer and Echo have in store for us in the latest round of TV Madness.

TV Madness: Nine vs. Mulder

TV Madness took a quick hiatus for the Hitchcock Blogathon last week, but we’re back for more character-fighting action today! In the last contest, Buffy proved too much for Michael Westen. Super-spy Westen may have given it his a...

TV Madness: Westen vs. Buffy

We’ve come down to the final 16 characters in TV Madness. It’s been a long, hard battle for most of these combatants. Some surprises have emerged – like Sylar defeating Captain Kirk by two votes. Today, we start off the round of 1...