TV Madness: Givens vs. Spartacus

It looks like Jack Bauer has easily defeated Echo. That was pretty much expected. This next TV Madness match-up, however, leaves me wondering which character will move on.

Spartacus already showed that he can still pull out a win even when dealing with a technological time gap. Sporting nothing but a sword and a chiseled six-pack, Spartacus took out Sonny Crockett, who was more than likely armed with a gun. Sheer brawn really counts for something in this tournament. Granted, Raylan Givens is twice the man (and more) that Sonny Crockett is, and Raylan also has the advantage of using firearms. Spartacus is still armed with his gladiator weapons. I wonder how this will play out.

Raylan Givens – One of my favorite characters on TV right now, Raylan Givens is always cool under pressure. Although, I wonder how he’d react if he had a screaming, blood-soaked gladiator plopped down in front of him. It’s hard to even imagine what would happen in this fight.



Secret Weapon: Raylan’s weapon of casual interrogation flies out the window here. Raylan is usually able to get most of what he wants by talking to his enemies. He’ll resort to violence, but only after all other avenues have been exhausted. Here, I don’t think that Spartacus will be looking to discuss any deals.

Spartacus – His physicality and brute strength have gotten him this far, but one has to wonder when that sort of fighting will finally lose out to superior weaponry. On the other hand, Spartacus strikes me as a guy who could take a few bullets before going down.




Secret Weapon: He’s intimidating, scary, and full of blood-lust rage. It’s conceivable that Spartacus’ balls-to-the-wall fighting could overtake Raylan before he could get a shot off.

Raylan Givens vs. Spartacus

  • Raylan Givens (63%, 43 Votes)
  • Spartacus (37%, 25 Votes)

Total Voters: 68

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    • Absolutely, Raylan just reminds me over and over of that scene in Raiders when Indy just looks at the swordsman and shoots him dead without giving it a second thought.

  1. Cameron Hurtado

    Both are badass, but Raylan is smart enough to shoot a bloodthirsty gladiator before he can get close enough to inflict a gory CG death.

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