TV Madness: Nine vs. Mulder

TV Madness took a quick hiatus for the Hitchcock Blogathon last week, but we’re back for more character-fighting action today! In the last contest, Buffy proved too much for Michael Westen. Super-spy Westen may have given it his all, but Buffy still defeated him handily. Today, Fox Mulder faces another favorable match-up, given his past dealings with extraterrestrials.

Mulder already used his experience with the supernatural and paranormal to defeat Angel. Now, out of all the characters left in the tournament, he faces an extraterrestrial force, of which he’s also had experience defeating.

Fox Mulder – He’s dealt with aliens on a fairly regular basis. True, not many of those aliens were human-machine hybrids, if any. (My recollection of Mulder’s varied nemeses is a bit hazy.) Still, he knows how to handle himself when E.T. comes a-knockin’.



Secret Weapon: Mulder has always had some idea of how to defeat aliens. He’s even been abducted by them. Yet Seven of Nine is a very different alien, one built to fight instead of just abducting humans to experiment on. Will she be too much for him?

Seven of Nine – She’s a warrior, no doubt. She’s already showed that by defeating two characters who relied on brute strength: The Tick and B.A. Baracus. However, she’s yet to face a character like Mulder who’s had dealings with people from outer space.



Secret Weapon: She’s specifically built to be a killing machine. She has superior fighting skills. Those could come in handy against a mere man who wasn’t much of a brute fighter to begin with.

Fox Mulder vs. Seven of Nine

  • Seven of Nine (51%, 45 Votes)
  • Fox Mulder (49%, 44 Votes)

Total Voters: 89

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  1. JM

    I voted for Mulder because I don’t like that girl’s lips.

    They’re too fat, and will slow her down in the fistacuffs.

  2. CamSully

    Yup, sex kills and Mulder is no exception to that rule. Ironically, the actor playing him had this issue as well.

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