‘The Killing’ 2.09 Recap: “Stomping Baby Birds!”

A lot happened in this week’s episode of ‘The Killing’, but nothing as big as Tommy Larsen stomping baby birds at recess. Next week, Tommy takes a baseball bat to a group of cuddly kittens.

The teacher made sure that Stan Larsen knew that the poor, defenseless birds were starlings, which makes it a little better, because starlings are annoying. Just a few days ago, I had to clean out an attic full of starling nests. (Those things will nest anywhere.) One starling has even taken up residence in my dad’s truck that he keeps parked outside. The momma starling has found some way to burrow herself and her nest of fledglings up into the inside of the dashboard. So, I can understand Tommy’s frustrations with this particular breed of bird. That, or he’s so broken up inside that he’s quickly turning emo on us. I wouldn’t be surprised if, in the next few episodes, Tommy comes out of his room dressed in all black, wearing a spiked dog collar, and ordering everyone to call him Tomas Prince of the Darkness. In related news, Tommy will now be included on our completely unofficial poll of character who might have killed Rosie Larsen. In his words, “I hate Rosie! I’m glad she’s dead!”

Linden is about to lose it. She’s already flushed her career away, but I have a feeling not for long. Just like Jack Bauer was always reinstated when everyone found out that he was right for the hundredth time, that’s what will happen here. Linden will figure it out, get reinstated, but then have a change of heart and actually get on a plane and leave Seattle.

Is this the first time we’ve heard about Linden spending a month in the loony bin? I can’t remember if that information had been divulged earlier on. I need flashbacks of Linden in a straightjacket. Maybe that’s where her fondness for turtlenecks comes from.

Mitch goes to visit Rosie’s baby daddy, but never tells him that she’s dead. That’s a bit callous of her, but since when has Mitch done anything for anyone? Imagine poor David’s reaction when he finally hears about a dead girl named Rosie Larsen from his news feed.

One thing confused me just a bit in this episode. If Mayor Adams is in on the murder/conspiracy, and Rosie was actually murdered in the casino, why would Chief Jackson rather go into business with Richmond and be willing to give him her endorsement? With Linden’s discovery of the blood-stained city hall badge on the tenth floor of the casino, we’re getting mighty close to finding out just where Rosie died. So, if this is all a big conspiracy that goes right to the top of Mayor Adams’ campaign, and to the Mayor personally (we know that he was the one who ordered the toll booth picture be doctored), then why would Jackson be willing to jump off the Adams ship? What’s in it for her? Can’t she get tax-exempt status from crooked old Adams? She doesn’t need Richmond to do that. Damn this loopy plot!

I have to admit that the last sequence with Linden crossing the casino floor and going up the world’s slowest elevator to the tenth floor was some of the most riveting television ‘The Killing’ has come up with so far. I confess to forgetting, at the moment, all the intentional misleads, red herrings, forgotten plot points, and ridiculously hilarious amounts of rain, and instead just getting lost in the moment. I knew someone was going to catch up to Linden sooner or later, but that part was fairly well crafted to build suspense. However, my mind could be playing tricks on me since most of this show has been dedicated to ancillary plots that are as depressing as baby bird stomping. So, I guess I would’ve enjoyed just about any sort of suspense at this point.

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  1. Aaron, you didn’t mention one of the episode’s bigger bombshells, that Mayor Adams statutory raped Gwen when she was only 14 (and he was considerably older). This suggests that he’s a sexual predator for underage girls.

    I still think Jamie did it, but you didn’t add him as a poll option this time.

    • Aaron Peck

      Huh… No idea what happened. Maybe something went screwy in WordPress, maybe it was my error, but in my original write-up I wrote this that went at the end of the second to last paragraph:

      “And I didn’t even mention the “revelation” that Adams, along with all his other nefarious activities, might also be a pedophile. Did we need any more reason to dislike the loathsome politician?”

    • Aaron Peck

      I can’t turn away. It’s craziness has sucked me in. The funny thing is that they play it so totally freaking serious. Like they’re trying to keep the somber spirit of the first season going through all these increasingly crazy subplots.

  2. Mike Attebery

    I like to read these posts and think of all the hours of my life I avoided handing over to Veena Sud by not watching season 2.

    I hope The Killing throws in a few more even wilder plot twists to earn the title of worst, most outlandish mystery show of all time.

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