TV Madness: Bauer vs. Echo

It looks like Fox Mulder finally met his match in a sexy half-human/half-machine hybrid. Now let’s see what Jack Bauer and Echo have in store for us in the latest round of TV Madness.

Bauer is the odds-on favorite in this tournament. Everyone knows that. Echo is clearly the underdog here. Two female characters have already moved on to the Final Eight. Can Echo pull out an upset and be the third?

Jack Bauer – Over the eight seasons of ’24’, Jack Bauer became something of a mythical hero. He’s the action hero of action heroes, the man who could save the world from anything. And if anyone gave him trouble, he’d gruff-talk them into submission, or break their fingers to make them talk. You know, whatever worked. Dude also killed a guy by biting clean through his jugular, so you know he means business.


Secret Weapon: Jack Bauer doesn’t need weapons, but they sure do help. Put any sort of gun or blunt instrument into Bauer’s hands and he turns into a lethal killing machine. As a matter of fact, even if you don’t put anything in his hands, he’ll still kill you.

Echo – We’ve previously discussed Echo’s ability to be a blank slate, and to have any sort of information uploaded into her brain turning her into whatever she needs to be.




Secret Weapon: Echo has been programmed once or twice to be a killing machine. The question you have to ask is whether her killing prowess could overtake Bauer’s Bauer-ness.

Jack Bauer vs. Echo

  • Jack Bauer (73%, 53 Votes)
  • Echo (29%, 21 Votes)

Total Voters: 73

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    • I could say that about Bauer. Truthfully, though, this is probably the first fair match I have seen in this tournament. Neither have super-human abilities, Echo has been trained to kill and had her mind effed up at the same time, and Jack just doesn’t give up. I do think that Echo would have a slight advantage here, but not by much.

      This is clearly the best matchup I have seen either last year or this year.

  1. EM

    I went with Bauer. For all we know, Echo’s been programmed to be a prissy librarian or something. But even if she’s currently a well-oiled killing machine, does she have the stamina to keep at it for 24 hours? Advantage: Jack Bauer.

      • Jack Bauer suvived two years of being tortured every day in a Chinese prison camp. He has faced himself and his own inner demons, and just came out meaner than ever. He can defeat anyone, even a girl pretending to be him.

        I expect that Jack would chase Echo around for a while, wait until she’s out of ammo, and corner her. While she’s unarmed and out of options, Echo would plead with Jack to make a deal. At which point, Jack would give her a cold hard stare, tell her that she has nothing that he wants, and put a bullet point-blank in her chest. As she’s on the ground gasping, he’d give her another cold hard stare, as if to let her know that he missed her heart on purpose the first time just so that she could really understand in her last few seconds of life what he was doing, and then he’d finish her off. After that, he’d calmly move on to the next match, where he’ll literally eviscerate his opponent.

        That’s the way Jack Bauer plays this game!

    • Shayne Blakeley

      This. You said it yourself Aaron, that Echo can be turned into whatever she needs to be. I still don’t get the Bauer thing, is he expected to win simply because of his popularity or does everyone actually think he’s invulnerable?

  2. I voted Echo. Heck, no matter how fancy Bauer is (and I was never a fan anyway), Echo can just load equivalent skills and then some.

    Bauer wouldn’t stand a chance. 😉

  3. CamSully

    I don’t get the appeal of these Joss Whedon characters and the extreme bias that says they win easily. Can you see Eliza going apeshit or violating your mind? Implausible.