TV Madness: Westen vs. Buffy

We’ve come down to the final 16 characters in TV Madness. It’s been a long, hard battle for most of these combatants. Some surprises have emerged – like Sylar defeating Captain Kirk by two votes. Today, we start off the round of 16 by pitting Buffy Summers against Michael Westen.

Truthfully, Buffy will be a hard opponent for Westen to overcome. It’s bad luck that he has to meet her at this time. With almost any other character, I’d say that he had a pretty good chance to win, but Buffy’s popularity, plus her insane fighting skills, could easily push her over the top.

Buffy Summers – We’ve discussed Buffy’s abilities ad nauseam. The question now is whether her abilities only count when she’s fighting supernatural enemies. She barely got by Vic Mackey, but some people discussed in the comments that her powers should’ve been meaningless against a non-supernatural character. What do you think?



Secret Weapon: Besides her vampire-killing, demon-vanquishing abilities, Buffy has always had a staunchly loyal fan base. It can’t be said enough how important a strong fan following is in this tournament.

Michael Westen – He’s taken on all kinds of criminals, but he’s never met anyone quite like Buffy. However, while she may have extra powers, Westen is a highly trained professional – probably even more so than Vic Mackey.




Secret Weapon: I think Westen’s ability to hide in plain sight by creating his own character and identity could help him out here. He could sneak up on Buffy and take her out before she even knew what was happening. That’s the theory, anyway.

Michael Westen vs. Buffy

  • Buffy (62%, 45 Votes)
  • Michael Westen (38%, 28 Votes)

Total Voters: 73

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  1. Alex

    If Buffy can take down Vic Mackey (and I didn’t vote for her), then Michael Westen should be no problem. He’s a cream puff next to Mackey.

  2. Shayne Blakeley

    Why would her powers be useless against foes that aren’t supernatural? She messed up all sorts of folks, The Initiative for example. This shouldn’t even be a question.

  3. I love me some Michael Westen, but Buffy is pretty bad ass when she needs to be. It would be an awesome fight, but she’s died twice and come back both times. Buffy definitely.

  4. William Henley

    Sylar beating Kirk came as a surprise to you?

    That is the problem with polls like this (I argue this all the time on, but a character’s or shows popularity shouldn’t be taken into account on this type of poll. Sadly, it is.

    Like on, I think sometimes people vote without even reading the question. Like, one week you could have “Which series has the best Storylines” and next week “Which series has the worst storylines” and TNG would win both weeks, with Enterprise getting the least amount of votes.

    Anyways, I guess that, in this March Madness, a great deal is actually determined by a character’s popularity. But, seriously, if Kirk and Sylar were really in a fight with each other, with no one else helping them, Kirk wouldn’t have a chance.

    As for the current fight, there is no question – Buffy has to win this one. In this case, her popularity might actually lead to her win, but she should win this fight anyways, with or without a popularity vote.

    • Kirk defeated a God-like Gary Mitchell, a God-like V’ger, and a God-like umm…god…in Star Trek V. And he couldn’t beat Sylar? Come on, man!

      • I’d say it comes down to whether the fight is one on one, or if Kirk has The Enterprise and it’s crew at his disposal. While Kirk stands no chance against Sylar on his own, he might if they just drop the warp core on his ass. We all seemed to agree that Michael Knight is inseparable from Kitt, but I hesitate to accept that Kirk gets to bring in Spock and company as well. If so then Buffy gets the whole Scooby gang, and if thats the case Willow just won this whole sumbitch.

        • EM

          The combatants are allowed to bring their usual weaponry with them, right? Is one of Sylar’s powers an immunity to phaser fire?

          • Shayne Blakeley

            I’d say that’s reasonable to assume, he assumed to be invulnerable to just about everything else as I recall.

          • EM

            I know the Sylar character only by reputation. But my impression—from these TV Madness posts and elsewhere—is that most of his powers are unreliable.

    • EM

      Also, William—it’s not necessarily inconsistent to claim that the same series has both the best and the worst storylines. Like Kirk, maybe you should read A Tale of Two Cities—or at least its beginning. (I certainly wouldn’t pick TNG for worst, but I don’t expect everyone to have the same tastes as I.) And maybe Enterprise didn’t get picked for worst simply because many respondents couldn’t stand to watch it enough in order to report a proper evaluation.

  5. CamSully

    This has been the beet discussion thus far. Popularity doesn’t make you the deadliest but in this case, Buffy is both a huge asski ker & popular character.