TV Madness: Holmes vs. Little – Kent vs. Reynolds

In our last TV Madness battle, poor Hulkster met his match in Jonas Blane. I have to say that I’d never have thought such a badass person could come from a show on CBS. In the other match-up, it looks like Capt. Kirk has a slight lead on Sylar. Not too many votes separate them, though. I’ll keep an eye on this one.

Today we have a couple of strange showdowns that I’m not quite sure I can make heads or tails of. In the first, we have the most intimidating drug lord that has ever wandered the Baltimore streets taking on one of the greatest fictional minds ever. The second match-up features Clark Kent going up against Malcolm Reynolds. Now this is going to get interesting.

If there’s ever been a pair more weirdly matched up, I’m not sure I know of it. Going round by round over our tournament, I don’t really see a contest that strikes me as such an oddity. I have to giggle whenever I think about how these two characters would ever meet. What would happen? I guess that’s what we’re trying to figure out.

Omar Little – We’ve already covered his Most Intimidating Man Ever status. I mean, he could make whole streets in Baltimore start freaking out just by the sound of his whistle. Now that’s power.




Tools of the Trade: His intimidation factor cannot be discounted, but one wonders if Sherlock would find him intimidating at all. He also usually carries around a sawed-off shotgun, so there’s that.

Sherlock Holmes – The cunning of Sherlock Holmes could probably outsmart Omar, but let’s remember that Omar is also a master planner. That guy could rip off anyone he wanted if he got his plan down to perfection. Holmes will have to be at the top of his cerebral game.



Tools of the Trade: Just the mind, Watson. Just the mind.

Sherlock Holmes vs. Omar Little

  • Sherlock Holmes (73%, 55 Votes)
  • Omar Little (27%, 20 Votes)

Total Voters: 75

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Here, we’ll see if people can separate Clark Kent from Superman, even though they’re one and the same. The Man of Steel, even when played by Tom Welling, is pretty much invincible. So, either we say that Kent couldn’t kill anyone without being Superman, or Mal’s fan base comes out en masse to make sure that one of the coolest sci-fi characters to ever grace the TV screen doesn’t lose to an angst-ridden, teenage Superboy.

Clark Kent – Yes, he’s Superman. There’s no way around that. I purposefully made the character Clark Kent in the tournament so as to deter people from thinking, “Well, he’s Superman. There’s no way that anyone can beat him.” However, after a closer inspection of ‘Smallville’, Kent sure gets the crap kicked out of him numerous times by all sorts of baddies. I’m certain that he can be defeated.



Tools of the Trade: That six-pack he’s sporting could give Mal problems.

Malcolm Reynolds – He’s captain of the coolest spaceship in the coolest show that went absolutely nowhere because its network floundered. While Mal couldn’t save himself from the Fox executives (who is?), does he have enough in the tank to take on the chiseled Tom Welling and his “I’m gonna get you real good, bad guy!” look?



Tools of the Trade: He’s insanely popular and his fans are rabid. That’s about all you need to know here. This may be one of those match-ups that gets decided simply by popularity.

Clark Kent vs. Malcolm Reynolds

  • Malcolm Reynolds (64%, 51 Votes)
  • Clark Kent (36%, 29 Votes)

Total Voters: 80

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  1. Superman

    “However, after a closer inspection of ‘Smallville’, Kent sure gets the crap kicked out of him numerous times by all sorts of baddies. I’m certain that he can be defeated.”

    Biased much? Your review screams of wanting Clark Kent to lose (much like your Mulder vs. Angel post, but we won’t get into that).

    He gets the crap kicked out of him by super powered beings NOT BULLETS which is what Mal would use. Show wise? I’d watch Firefly over Smallville hands down any day of the week (and not just because one is 14 episodes and the other is 200+). But there is literally NO justification for Mal beating Clark. He might not be Superman until the last episode, but he’s had invulnerability since episode one. Even in your write up you couldn’t come up with a convincing argument supporting Mal beyond poking fun at Clark Kent’s actor!

    And I would also like to point out that you used a screen grab from the Serenity movie, not Firefly.

    • EM

      How about Kryptonite bullets? Surely Mal could mine a meteor and get bullets forged for the occasion.

    • Aaron Peck

      Of course I’m biased. I vote too. Yes. I want Clark Kent to lose. LOSE CLARK KENT! LOSE!

      I also wanted Hurricane Spencer and The Tick to meet in the finals, but all my persuading couldn’t get that to happen.

      It’s all just for fun anyway.

  2. John

    I’m still going with Mal on this one. Superman/Clark Kent’s powers come from the Earth’s sun (at least what I understood from Smallville) which means if they are off in space away from Earth chances are very good that Clark wouldn’t be invincible.

  3. Aaron Peck

    By the way, I can’t fathom a world where Sherlock Holmes actually beats Omar Little in a fight. Little’s disparity in votes really surprises me.

    • Mugs

      Well all of these come down to popularity, not who would really win, see: superman losing.