Unboxed: ‘Alien’ ReAction Egg Chamber Playset

The saga of the retro-style ‘Alien’ ReAction figures is long and requires much patience from fans. Nearly a year since it was first announced and opened for preorders, the Egg Chamber Action Playset has finally arrived. I debated whether to leave this sealed in the box as a collectible, but ultimately couldn’t resist and had to pop it open.

Here’s a quick summary to give you a sense of how slowly this line moves:

  • July 2012 – Indie toy company Super7 announced that it had secured the rights to produce 3.75-inch ‘Alien’ action figures based on unused molds that were originally created in 1979 by Kenner for a never-released movie tie-in toy line.
  • June 2013 – Just shy of one year after the original announcement, Super7 opened the ‘Alien’ ReAction figures for preorder.
  • September 2013 – Super7 partnered with Funko to expand distribution of the ReAction line to wide-release retailers.
  • December 2013 – A year and a half since the first announcement, the ReAction figures arrived.
  • February 2014 – Funko announced that the ReAction concept would expand to cover numerous other movie and TV properties. Unlike the ‘Alien’ line, the other ReAction figures are all new, original sculpts and designs. They are nowhere near as nice as the ‘Alien’ figures.
  • July 2014 – Funko and Super7 announced an Egg Chamber Playset to go with the ‘Alien’ figures.
  • September 2014 – Funko announced a second wave of ‘Alien’ figures cobbled together from parts of the first wave along with some new pieces and new paint schemes.

That brings us to now. The Egg Chamber is here in my hands. Although this is a newly-designed piece, it’s very much in keeping with the retro aesthetic of the ‘Alien’ figures. From the packaging to the cheap cardboard backdrop, this looks like a toy that could have been produced in 1979. I say that as a compliment. It blends seamlessly with the ‘Alien’ figures, and is a higher quality product than the other ReAction spin-off lines.

Props to Super7. Even the shipping box that the playset arrived in has a cool ‘Alien’ logo. I don’t want to throw this out.

Alien Egg Chamber - Shipping Box

The box for the playset was covered in bubble wrap.

Alien Egg Chamber - Bubble Wrap

Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough to prevent the box from getting dented and dinged.

Alien Egg Chamber - Box Damage

Alien Egg Chamber - Box Side Damage

I’m very disappointed in that. On the other hand, the damage makes the box look even more like an artifact from 1979.

The front and back of the box have the same image:

Alien Egg Chamber - Box Front

I love that the kids look like they’re straight out of the 1970s. The screaming girl is great. I also think it’s fantastic that the box shows little kids playing with this toy right beneath a disclaimer that this is an adult collectible for ages 14+.

Alien Egg Chamber - Age Warning

The artwork on the left and right sides (seen above) is likewise duplicated, as are the top and bottom. The photos show what looks like Dallas in an orange space suit and someone else in a blue space suit. These must be prototypes for things we’ll see in the future.

Alien Egg Chamber - Box Bottom

Now it’s time to open the box.

Alien Egg Chamber - Opening the Box

Alien Egg Chamber - Box Contents

Alien Egg Chamber - Instructions

Assembly only takes a moment.

Alien Egg Chamber - Assembled

I’m not particularly a fan of the way the cardboard support legs stick out the back. This will prevent you from placing the playset flush against a wall unless you remove the supports.

Alien Egg Chamber - Back Side

I wound up attaching a couple of small stick-on hooks to the bottom rear of the base that the cardboard backdrop can slide into. It’s good enough that the backdrop stays in place when pressed against a wall.

Oh no! Kane has entered the Egg Chamber to investigate the eggs. Be careful, Kane!

Alien Egg Chamber - Kane Enters

Alien Egg Chamber - Kane Investigates Egg

Fine, this last shot may not be movie accurate, but I needed a photo with the whole Nostromo crew in there.

Alien Egg Chamber - Nostromo Crew

Despite being overpriced and long overdue, I think this playset is pretty awesome. I’m glad to have it. I would love for Super7 to produce a Nostromo dining hall playset next.


  1. Pretty cool. It’d be sweet if they made the space jockey chamber with a cardboard background to the corridor with the eggs. Can’t wait for the Prometheus play set. : )

  2. William Henley

    Ah, that’s cool, I may have to see if there are any left, and if so, may have to bend and buy this plus the action figures. I LOVE the box, the photo really looks like it came from the late 70s or early 80s.

    And I get its a collectable, but why can’t kids play with them? It looks like you are playing with them just fine. 🙂

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