‘Alien’ Action Figure Playset – Can You Hear My Wallet Screaming?

As you may recall (since I went on about it at some length in previous posts), toy company Super7 released a really cool line of retro-styled ‘Alien’ action figures at the end of last year. In case you needed an excuse to break the figures out of their packaging, now they also have a neat playset to interact with.

The beauty of the ‘Alien’ action figures is that they’re based on the original 1979 molds for a planned (but never released) line of movie tie-in toys by Kenner. Unfortunately, for as much a fan of the ‘Alien’ figures as I am, I have not been too impressed with any of Super7’s attempts to expand the “ReAction” brand to other franchise properties with new and original designs (seen here and here). These other cheap and cartoonish figures look more like Playskool toys than vintage Kenner.

For its latest release, the company has gone back to the ‘Alien’ well with a new Egg Chamber Playset. I like this. I like this a lot. It sticks with the retro theme yet looks nicely designed and meshes well with the ‘Alien’ figures.

The Egg Chamber was initially announced to be an extremely limited San Diego Comic-Con exclusive. However, earlier this week, Super7 revealed that the playset will also be offered for preorder on its web site from July 21st to July 27th (dates coinciding with the convention). Comic-Con attendees will get an exclusive blue box (big whoop!), while regular customers who order on the web will get a black box.

The price is kind of steep at $100. OK, it’s very steep at $100, but I imagine that collectors will suck it up anyway. Although the announcement states that “quantities will be made to order,” which implies no explicit limit, the product will only be available for preorder for one week… unless Super7 changes its mind again later, of course. That’s essentially what happened to the ‘Alien’ ReAction figures, after all.

[Source: Super7 Blog.]


  1. Chris B

    Wow that’s pretty cool actually. I wonder if this sells well enough if the company would consider making a “Nostromo interior” playset? You gonna pre-order this thing Josh? Even the box art is throwback, that little girl’s expression is fucking hilarious…I LOL-ed.

  2. Is this something they came up with or based on something that was actually going to be released (like the figures)? Because that’s pretty creepy as a kids’ toy. 🙂

  3. William Henley

    I LOVE the photo on the box! Seriously bringing back the 80s!

    I would jump on these, but not for $100. Shoot, I would be hesitant at $50. This is about a $20-$30 item in my book.

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