‘Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol’ Contest Results!

You guys have done it again. We offered you the chance to win ‘Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol‘ on Blu-ray if you could make us laugh, and you rose to the challenge. We received an outpouring of hilarious entries. To find out which two lucky readers will take home copies of the disc, read on for the results.

As explained in the original contest post, your mission was to create a funny or clever caption for the following image:

That mission was very successful, to say the least. Although we don’t have the space here to list off every worthy entry (there were simply too many of them!), here are some of our favorites:

Honorable Mentions

Alex wrote:

I can see Russia from here!!

We had a few entries about the IMAX aspect ratio debate. I think the best was this one from Cameron:

William: “Ethan, what the hell are you doing?”

Ethan: “Trying to get rid of these damn black bars! I can barely see anything!”

Followers of our blog comments will understand this joke from EM:

And that’s when Josh saw the cloud’s silver lining: yes, Drew’s attacks were relentless and brutal, but at least his grip would never let go.

It wouldn’t be a contest around here without Shayne delivering the goods, like these:

The recession has been particularly hard on window washers.

Warning: Lionel Richie is a trained professional, do not attempt dancing on the ceiling at home

Where will you be when your laxative starts working?

Are you sure this will make me taller?

Scientologist headache remedy.

Are you in good hands?

I feel like this one from Lahrs may have been written with Chuck Norris in mind:

Tom isn’t falling out of the window, he is jumping up to deliver a super sidekick.

CK wrote these:

Everything is first-class at the Burj Khalifa, where the rooms are trimmed with diamonds and gold and the windows are cleaned with a new A-List celebrity every day.

Don’t worry, Tom, we’ll CGI Jeremy out in post production.

Water balloons are for pussies.

JM wrote:

“I want you all to know, I missed the window on purpose. This was a team-building exercise.”

P90X is the most extreme fitness program in the world.

Jason wrote:

Ethan! I can’t hear you… say it louder… “SHOW ME THE MONEY!!”

J.J. came up with these:

This little piggy had roast beef. This little piggy had none. And this little piggy…

Not to alarm you or anything, but there’s a bee by your face right now.

Dammit, I just heard the doorbell! Pizza or save Ethan? Pizza or save Ethan?

“Scientists at Hubbard University have discovered a revolutionary new method to cut fat and build muscle. Click here to learn more…”

Matt wrote:

The metaphor for Tom’s career was as obvious as ever

A call-back to the first ‘Mission: Impossible’ movie? Nicely done, Mark:

Don’t you remember what I told you about green and red?

Peter wrote these:

“This is not what I meant when I said we should hang out sometime.”

“It said right there, DO NOT lean on glass.”

“Can you hear me now? Good.”

It’s times like this where you regret being a method actor.

“Quick, the building is on fire! Aim me towards that small fireman’s trampoline!”

Kin wrote:

You’re right, that cloud does look like an upside down bunny rabbit.

Ian wrote:

This is what happens when white people try to be ninjas.

I liked all of these from MediumJon:

You were right! 1080p looks way better from up here!

If Ethan Hunt falls out of a window and there’s no one there to catch him, is it still in Dolby TrueHD 7.1? I guess we’ll never know…

WAIT!! You forgot your sunglasses, it’s bright out!

I’m totally reporting you to H.R. for this…

I’m never going window shopping with you again…

I know this might not be the right time but, is your ex seeing anyone??

I just want everyone to know that, in narrowing the results down to just fifteen Honorable Mentions (my original plan was for ten!), I had to make a lot of really painful cuts. There were many other great entries for this contest, and I encourage everyone to go back and read them at the original post.

Finally, it’s time to pick…

The Winners!

As I’ve said in the past, the worst puns are the best kind of puns. A lot of people made jokes at the expense of Jeremy Renner, but I just can’t read Dustin’s entry here without hearing a rimshot sound effect in my mind. To me, that’s a sign of greatness when it comes to contests like this.

Jeremy Renner: “So this is what they mean by ‘supporting actor’.”

While the “Show me the money!” jokes that others made were pretty good, Marvinmar knocked it out of the park with this batch of ‘Jerry Maguire’ references. The first two especially made me laugh out loud:

Ethan “You have me, you have me right?”
Jeremy Renner: “I had you at hello”

Ethan: “What am I doing? I’m quietly judging you”

Jeremy: “Go ahead Ethan, say it one more time, I dare you…Tell me a nutless monkey could do my job”

Jeremy: “I told you I don’t want the full experience of what love is!!”

Congratulations to Dustin and Marvinmar for each winning a copy of ‘Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol’ on Blu-ray, and thanks to everyone else for participating!


  1. Marvinmar

    You love me, You really love me. 🙂

    I was pretty sure the “I had you at hello” would win, I just kept laughing as I was typing it.

    Thank you Josh and highdefdigest.com for the Bluray, Can’t wait.

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