‘The Killing’ 2.06 Recap: “Anybody Tell You That You’re White?”

So, the person that Teri got into the car with at the end of last episode of ‘The Killing’ was… Well, I’m not going to spoil it here. Bonus View regulations state that you must click through the page break to see the juicy bits. Red tape everywhere!

We’ve come full circle, it would seem. If memory serves me correctly, the very first person of interest Linden and Holder paid a visit to after Rosie’s death was ghostly-looking rich kid, Jasper. Armed with a scowl and a “My dad is richer than your dad” attitude, Jasper dismissed them without much thought. Now we’re back talking with Jasper, because maybe his father knows more than he’s let on.

Teri was last seen getting into a blacked-out town car in the last episode. And who should be in that car, but none other than Michael Ames, Jasper’s father? Was Ames the person Rosie saw on the ferry that scared her? Rosie found out that Stan wasn’t her real father, and we’ve also found out that Ames isn’t exactly faithful to his wife. Okay, so they have a completely open relationship and she doesn’t care who he bones. It’s perfectly logical that Rosie could’ve been his illegitimate daughter. In that case, Ames gets rid of Rosie (for reasons yet unexplained), and with his ties to Mayor Adams, he frames Richmond for the whole thing. As Holder points out, “Two birds with the same stone.”

In other rain-drenched news, Mitch, who might have had a torrid affair once with Michael Ames, is bonding with her new wandering waif. She’s apparently forgotten that she has two other children at home and now misses Rosie more than them combined. Way to build your kids’ self-esteem, lady.

Jamie keeps on keeping on with Richmond, who’s getting back in the race. Richmond joked about Jamie getting “maternal instincts,” which led to a quote that I almost used as this week’s header (but it just couldn’t beat out Jasper making fun of Holder’s forced way of speaking). As he’s talking to Gwen on the phone, she says, “Call me if he tries to breastfeed you.” If that doesn’t perfectly describe the way Jamie has been with Richmond over the entire course of this show, I don’t know what does.

I mentioned the new, very strict red tape rules here on the blog. That’s exactly what’s getting in the way of Linden right now. With a new boss, Linden is finding it increasingly difficult to visit suspects, let alone figure out who killed Rosie. My prediction is that this red tape lasts just long enough to stretch the season’s plot until the finale, where AMC will presumably divulge who actually killed Rosie. Don’t get your hopes up, though.

The conspiracy seems to be deepening and it’s getting more and more maddening every time Bald Gil shows up. I’ve been around enough conspiracies when I know that the show is just using its conspiracy shroud to elongate the story’s endgame. That’s what’s happening here. Red tape and conspiracy layers will have to be slowly pulled away in the next six episodes so we’ll be ready for whatever the finale has to throw at us.

Now for the rundown of what everybody is up to. Queue the music that plays at the end of every ‘Killing’ episode as the show slowly recaps what everyone is doing.

  1. We’re 19 days into this thing now. Holder and Linden are being stopped at every turn. Whenever they find a break in the case, a wall of bureaucracy flies up in front of them. Someone sneaked into Linden’s hotel and left a cryptic painting there. Have we seen that painting before? It looks familiar.
  2. Gwen is back working for Richmond in a part that doesn’t seem to mean much of anything given the larger scheme of things.
  3. Everyone from Adams to the Indian casino lady to Ames all party together and seem to all be in on it.
  4. Jasper is a dick.
  5. Teri is slowly unraveling now that Ames told her he wants to move on to other whores.
  6. Alexi could’ve killed Stan some time ago for revenge for his dad, but didn’t because he liked Rosie too much.

Mitch’s waif absconds in the middle of the night. Then Mitch reads a letter addressed to one David Rainer. I paused the episode. This is what the note said:


Dear David,

I’m writing to tell you I’m two months pregnant. I’m not sure what to do.

I wasn’t sure if I should send this letter, but in the end, I wanted you to understand why I wasn’t going to be able to see you anymore. I met somebody. He’s a really caring [and] wonderful man – different from you in many ways, but I think you’d like each other.


The baby is due in July. I know it’s yours. I’m going to name her Rosie just like the girl in that poem you showed me. I hope you’ll meet her someday.

Take care of yourself.



This letter is obviously how Rosie found out that she wasn’t Stan’s real daughter, but what does it mean? We know that Ames isn’t the father. Did this David Rainer have a part in it? Will we meet him? I’m guessing we will at some point, most likely when Mitch travels there to find him to tell him his daughter was murdered.

I still don’t know who freaking did it. My head is hurting thinking about it. Let’s say it was the Indian casino lady since she has such great evil glares.

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