‘Homeland’ Contest Results

Sorry for taking so long to announce the results of last week’s contest. We had so many great entries that it took me a while to go through them all. Now that I’ve done that, let’s find out which two lucky readers have won ‘Homeland: The Complete First Season‘ on Blu-ray.

As described in the original post, our challenge was to come up with a funny or clever caption for the following image:

Narrowing the results down to ten Honorable Mentions and only two winners was a difficult task, but here are some of my favorite entries:

Honorable Mentions

Phil L. wrote:

Why should I pay $200 a month for cable? I can watch the game on my neighbor’s TV.

Mark wrote:

Is being a Peeping Tom ‘My So-Called Life’ now?

Shannon N. wrote:

Surveillance in a van? Jack Bauer never had to do this shit.

Terry C. wrote:

These 3D glasses are AWESOME!

Price wrote:

Wow… even with this High Definition Laser Scope, I still can’t seem to find the reason why I decided to do “Terminator 3”.

Alex cleverly played off my example in the original post:

Wow, Mandy Patinkin’s breasts really are spectacular!

Just in time for the RNC convention, Barsoom Bob got political:

So those are Mitt Romney’s tax returns. He only pays 13%, how come I have to pay 35%!

Mark L. continued the theme:

For the Republicans (and likely some Democrats)….
“Crap! Only two hours of having to watch this Biden guy and now I’m REALLY feeling the pressure to protect the President!”

For the Democrats…
“That’s it. After only two hours of watching this Romney guy….. I now realize I’m on the wrong side.”

Ron’s entry was perhaps obvious, but it needed to be done, and he was the first to do it:

Damn you Waldo! I will find u!

It’s a shame that EM has already won one of our contests within the past year, because he gave us a bunch of great entries:

This “stadium seating” is getting ridiculous.

“My God! Is that Grace Kelly in Raymond Burr’s apartment?”

“I wish I’d packed the bipolarized lenses…”

“…I thought the invitation was for steak, out!!”

Twig Peeks

The “Twig Peeks” one kills me, and EM honestly deserves a prize just for “steak, out.” Sadly, he has a few more months before he’s eligible to win again.

The Winners!

I knew that this entry from Steve was a winner as soon as I saw it. :

“Being a bipolar woman with a tripod makes me hexpolar.”

That’s brilliant. Then, to seal the deal, Steve also came back with:

“Sarah Shahi, Morena Baccarin, me…for a ginger, that guy pulls some quality tail!”

Ain’t that the truth? Damian Lewis’ life really seems blessed, doesn’t it? But then I remember that he also had to play an intellectually disabled space alien who fought “Shit Weasels” in ‘Dreamcatcher’, and it all sort of evens out.

Anyway, our second prize copy goes to lordbowler for:

“Now I finally have proof that the Postman doesn’t always ring twice!”

Ha! Nicely done.

Congratulations to Steve and lordbowler for winning ‘Homeland: The Complete First Season’ on Blu-ray. For the rest of you, don’t forget that you still have some time left to enter our ‘In the Shadow of the Moon’ contest. Thanks for participating, everyone!


  1. EM

    Congratulations to the winners and my fellow honorees. And thank you to the other participants—as usual, there were a lot of good entries making this contest all the more fun. As for being ineligible for a prize, I’m not too concerned—after all, what if the prize turned out just as lousy as “steak, out” ended up being? 😛 But the recognition is much appreciated. 🙂

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