The Bonus View Digest - May 6, 2011

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We've had another eventful week over at The Bonus View. Take a look at what's been going on. Join us, leave comments, have fun. That's what the HDD blog is all about!

Movie Madness

One of the most popular features on the blog is Movie Madness. A giant tournament of death where movie characters have been pitted against each other to see who will come out victorious. We've finally whittled down the original cast of 64 to a lean 16. We're down to the best of the best competing for a chance to call themselves the baddest movie character that's ever been created.

Here's some match-ups you may have missed:

Judge Doom vs. Maximus – Harry Callahan vs. The Terminator

Blade vs. Dr. Richard Kimble – Annie Wilkes vs. Jack Torrance

John McClane vs. Jason Bourne

Theatrical News

New writer Luke Hickman discussed the Weekend Box Office letting us know exactly how popular 'Fast Five' was. Josh let us in on how much he hated Miranda July's 'The Future'.

TV Recaps

We had recaps of all your favorite shows this week. New episodes of 'Glee', 'Justified', 'The Office', 'Fringe', and 'The Killing' are all covered.

Video Games

Our resident game enthusiast, Dick Ward, let us know what video games we should be looking forward to on May 1st.

Home Theater

Josh is redoing his home theater and is giving us insight into how the HD Advisor sets up his own movie palace. Check out his complicated spreadsheet connecting all his devices, and take a look at the brand new 3D projector he just installed.

Special Features

For this week's Weekend Roundtable the writers got together and voiced our opinions about which movies we'd like to see recast and why. The Mid-Week Poll dealt with our personal movie collection, more specifically the exact number of Blu-rays we have in our collections.

So, that's what you've been missing this week if you haven't found your way on over to The Bonus View. Join us! It's a ton of fun over there!

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