Movie Madness: Blade vs. Kimble – Wilkes vs. Torrance

Today is the last day of the second round of Movie Madness. We’ll choose the last two contestants for the Cinematic Sixteen with this post. Over the weekend, Maximus was able to get the best of Judge Doom, even though the voting ended up pretty close. The other matchup wasn’t close at all as the Terminator took out Dirty Harry with relative ease. Today’s first matchup pits the sword-wielding vampire killer Blade against Dr. Richard Kimble in possibly the most lopsided match thus far. The other contest is between two of Stephen King’s most memorable crazies, Annie Wilkes and Jack Torrence.

I hate to see what the voting is going to be like on this one. Kimble made it past Biff Tannen in the first round, but going up against Blade seems far too insurmountable even for the resourceful MD.

Dr. Richard Kimble – His matchup with Biff Tannen seemed heaven-sent, because otherwise Kimble would have been an underdog to most of the people in the field of 64. Can he find a way to outsmart Blade, or is this as far in the tournament as Kimble will go?

Tools of the Trade: The guy is smart. He can blend in and assume that “everyday man” quality, all the while trying to achieve his own goals. He’s crafty and wily, but he’ll need quite a bit of luck to navigate his way around an opponent like Blade.

Blade – He hunts vampires, is a vampire, and has an assortment of weapons at his disposal. He’s lived through his own trilogy, killing numerous vampires that have come across his path.

Tools of the Trade: Most of Blade’s weapons are specified for killing vampires, but that doesn’t stop him from being deadly to a normal human being. That sword he carries around could just as easily slice Kimble to ribbons.


Dr. Richard Kimble vs. Blade

  • Blade (71%, 95 Votes)
  • Dr. Richard Kimble (29%, 38 Votes)

Total Voters: 133

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Now this is a very interesting development in the tournament. It’s just one of those things that couldn’t really be planned, but I’m glad that happened. Both Torrance and Wilkes were born from the slightly demented mind of author Stephen King. They’re both extremely creepy, harnessing crazy like it’s their job. Dare we nickname this battle the “Crazy-Off”? I think so.

Jack Torrance – Over the course of time, he slowly became insane – so insane that he just wanted to kill everyone around him including his own family. A man that will try to kill his own family obviously doesn’t have any qualms about dispatching a rival.

Tools of the Trade: Two parts crazy, one part giant axe of death. That’s all Torrance needs to carry out a reign of terror and mayhem.


Annie Wilkes – She has an affinity for writers, which may just be Torrance’s downfall here. If Wilkes is obsessed enough with whatever he writes, she may just strap him down to a bed, hobble him, and wait for him to finish his next novel.

Tools of the Trade: She hobbled the Grinch’s skinny legs in the first round, so there’s a good chance she’d return to that method here with Torrance. Why not? It works so well.


Jack Torrance vs. Annie Wilkes

  • Jack Torrance (73%, 93 Votes)
  • Annie Wilkes (27%, 35 Votes)

Total Voters: 128

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  1. Alex

    Boy do I hate voting for the character from a lesser film. “The Fugitive” remains in my top 10 favorites of all time, but I can’t deny that Blade could slice and dice Kimble without his sunglasses shifting a millimeter.

    Voting for Torrence too, but only because Wilkes needs her victims pre-incapacitated for her convenience.

    • Alex

      You could say though, that his son’s shining (SSHHH! You want to get sued?) is what prevented Jack from ultimately taking him out. We should remember that he did take down Hallorann in rather spectacular fashion.

    • Wilkes and Torrence are even. They both killed rescuers (Richard Farnsworth and Scatman Crothers respectively), but were duped by people vastly physically inferior to them.

      I go with Torrence because he can receive supernatural aid from the hotel if, say, Wilkes sequesters him in a pantry.

      Besides that, Wilkes is a sadistic kidnapper that happens across murder. Torrence means only to kill people.

  2. Luke Hickman

    I rooting for the underdog Kimble. The dude is brilliant. Not only does he know the science behind the human body, but he can perform the surgeries needed. I’m sure that he could come up with some way to stop Blade in his tracks. Maybe a compound that could cause Blade’s liver to fail to break down vitamin D, robbing him of his Daywalker ability! You see? It’s all linked together!

  3. Blade over Kimble, no question.

    Here’s my logic on Wilkes vs. Torrance. Annie Wilkes has an obsession with writers, which would seem to put her at an advantage over Jack Torrance, who is a writer. However, in Misery, she was ultimately bested by the writer she was obsessed with. Therefore, I think that Torrance could beat her as well… It makes sense in my head, anyway! 🙂

  4. Kimble’s a smart cookie…assuming he figures out Blade is a vamp before he gets sliced/diced, I have no doubt he’d come up with a way to immobilize him.

    The other match is who’s more crazy…and there’s no one more crazy than JACK (Torrance or Nicholson!).

  5. otiskariya

    I voted for Kimble and Wilkes. Annie would have gotten the better of Torrance because she was nuts from day 1 and Jack delved into it. He also allowed a smaller, weaker woman (than Annie) to take advantage of him with a baseball bat to the head. Annie would utilize many more instruments of harm and immobilize the writer. Plus her Oscar for the role could do hefty damage if she strikes him in the head with it. And Snipes is just awful.