Mid-Week Poll: How Many Blu-rays Do You Own?

We have a pretty straightforward poll question for you this week. Since High-Def Digest is primarily a web site about movies on Blu-ray, let’s find out how many Blu-ray discs some of you own.

I ran a report in DVD Profiler, and it turns out that I have 349 DVDs, 152 HD DVDs, and 455 Blu-rays. (Admittedly, a lot of these discs were received as review screeners that I didn’t actually have to pay for.)

We’ll stick to Blu-rays in the poll. How many do you own?

How Many Blu-rays Do You Own?

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  1. Keith

    I went on a buying spree of HD DVD’s back in the format war days and now I have a bunch of movies sitting in a cabinet taking up space that I never watch. When blu-ray “won” I was slow to adopt the format and even then said to myself that I would NOT buy movies like I did. I only buy things that are must haves. I have Band of Brothers, The Pacific, a few Disney movies for my daughter, and the Back to the Future Trilogy.

    I plan to buy Star Wars and Indiana Jones if that ever gets released as a box set. Other than that, I’m sticking to rentals from here on out.

  2. I think you should clarify a bit, as I actually had issues with this. I chose 200-300, but here is the issue: do multidisc sets count as One or as multiple (Harry Potter Trunk has 5 movies, is that 5 Blu-Rays, or 1? The Star Trek series are multiple discs, is that one or 5? Harry Potter 7 has 2 discs plus a DVD, so is that 1 or 2). Also, do recorded Blu-Rays count, and if they do, what if I have multiple movies on the same disc (I have all three Jurassic Park movies on one disc, the first at 1080i, the second and third at 720, so is does that count as 1 or 3).

    In other words, depending on how we count I have anywhere from around 120 to about 350.

    • Josh Zyber

      I’m going to say that recorded discs don’t count. Let’s stick to official releases.

      As for how to count box sets, I’m inclined to think that the box counts as one item, because you only made one purchase. However, if people want to count the discs separately, I’ll leave it up to each person to decide.

        • TJ Kats

          That’s how I would look at it. For example Back to the Future set would be three but each season of Mad Men or Dexter that I have would count as one.

        • RBBrittain

          That’s how I counted mine (it’s how another site where I track mine does it), but I think my collection’s in the same range even by raw packages (as Josh suggested).

  3. vihdeeohfieuhl

    I hope nobody takes this the wrong way, but I am really surprised that I am the only one that has chosen, “More than 500.” I guess I just assumed that most of the people that frequent a site like this were wildly avid collectors. Now, I actually feel slightly embarrassed to admit that I have over 700 blu-rays. It should be noted that I have almost no DVDs, and only a few HD-DVDs. I used to have several hundred DVDs and at least 100 HD-DVD’s. I have almost replaced my entire film library with blu-rays.

    • I only made the switch a year ago or so, maybe less, shortly before I started visiting this site at any rate. So at 128 (not counting preorders) already, I can see myself in that position before long. Especially since it dawned on me recently that I bought my first dvd player (and subsequent ridiculous collection) 10 years ago! Good God, I don’t want to know how much I’ve spent on this shit since then.

    • I have so many DVD’s it’s not funny, but after the false start that was HD-DVD (I swore that format was gonna be the winner) I promised myself as Keith did that I would only purchase must haves. Of course I have veered from that from time to time, but I mainly stick to things that can really show off my home theatre. One thing that I can’t resist though is a bargain and when I see blu-ray movies of classics I love at less then $15 I really have no choice but to buy those.

      The landscape of video has changed however and I have realized as I have gotten older that I just don’t watch movies as many times as I once did. Probably because it was before the internet and I have plenty of other things to do these days. So now I rent movies that I know I’ll only watch once or twice. I figure if they are available for the second viewing on services such as iTunes then I’ll rent them there. And for the most part if I wasn’t inclined to purchase the Blu-Ray out of the gate then watching it in 720p will be just as good as long as the audio is at least 5.1

      For big movies though I’ll likely be sticking with Blu-Ray as I have a good receiver and 5 speakers at the moment. So audio on some Blu-Rays just have to be experienced. But with Netflix and iTunes I can usually watch movies I am just interested in seeing again when they become available.

      I just finished watching John Carpenters prince of darkness and considering that it was streaming from netflix in Standard Def, it’s the best the movie has looked in a long time.

  4. vihdeeohfieuhl

    Just spoke with a friend who likes to count my ever growing collection. I was informed that I have roughly 820 blu-rays. I guess I have even more than I thought I did. I am interested to see if the, “More than 500” tally increases as the days go on.

  5. vihdeeohfieuhl

    Sorry for the multi-post, but I just wanted to add that my friend counts boxed sets as one, not as multiple blu-rays. I was told that even a boxed set like the Spider-man trilogy is only counted as one. Television sets are counted as one as well. I’m going to have to count myself and see if I really have as many as they say I do. I really believed that I only owned a little over 700.

    • I counted tv shows as one, but boxed sets, such as Star Trek movies, as different movies (therefore 10 movies instead of as 2), which is how I got 200-300. I have a little over 100 if boxed sets count as 1, and a little over 300 if you count each disc.

  6. vihdeeohfieuhl


    Is that a picture of your collection? Or the collection of someone else on HDD? Or is it just a random photo? I really like how the boxed sets are turned forward to allow them to be sorted in with the single discs. I currently have my boxed sets stored in an entirely different place than my singles, because I never considered doing something like that. I’m assuming that when you see something turned forward, that means that any of the other blu-rays within that collection are placed behind it. If that is your collection, do you care to comment?

  7. Josh Zyber

    It’s still early in the voting. We may see more people with large collections participate later.

    I got my totals from DVD Profiler, which I highly recommend to any collector with a lot of discs.

    • I own an older copy of DVD profiler but lost my serial when switching machines over the years. I need to see if I can get access back to my collection online and upgrade the software. I would like to update it so that I can finish adding all of my DVD’s into the system and then replace the ones I can with Blu-Rays as they become less expensive over the years. Although I really don’t need to replace some of them as alot of items still haven’t been released on blu-ray yet. And the hated practice of releasing trilogies with terrible third movies (hello spiderman and X-Men) keep me from purchasing those especially when they don’t release the at first in separate volumes (looking at you Sony).

    • vihdeeohfieuhl

      Hey, sorry to post again, but I’m really interested to know more about that photo. If that is not a photo of your collection, do you know who that collection belongs to? Or is it just a random picture? I was going to ask more questions about their storage methods if it belongs to anybody at HDD.

    • I use collectorz’s movie collector, which I like because I have a cue-cat. That being said, I haven’t used it in about 9 months – been too lazy to reinstall after I upgraded my computer last summer, and had to reinstall everything. I really should start using it again – it has a “library” feature that was quite handy when lending movies out to friends. It also had an HTML export, so I could put my entire collection, along with coverart, my ratings, and other stuff.

      It also had a format feature (laserdisc / dvd-r / dvr, etc), and a location feature, which was VERY handy, especially on movies I have setting on DVD-Rs and BD-Rs setting in spindles.

  8. That’s a good point about box sets… For myself, I usually count box sets as 1 (even if that means something like the Babylon 5 boxset of DVDs has 42 discs lol!)

    If I counted it on discs, I’d have an absurd number. I think you have to count on box sets. Otherwise you also have to start asking… do extras discs count? etc…

    I haven’t counted my number of Blu Rays in a while, but I’m pretty sure I’m over 50, since I’ve bought a good few since last count which was just under. I’m at about the 60 mark on HD DVD, so my Blu Rays are only just catching up. Heck, I got my last HD DVD only a month or two back, when I spotted a copy of The Last Starfighter going cheap. 🙂

    I think my number of DVDs will be nearing the 350 region. I need to update my spreadsheet!

    Honestly, my buying has slowed drastically, since my girlfriend won’t watch movies more than once (even her favourites) so I rarely get enough time alone to watch favourite movies even a 2nd time, let alone repeatedly. I found I was buying, and they were just sitting unwatched for ages, so my purchasing has slowed.

  9. 271 for me. I try and keep my collection at a manageable size. I routinely sell off copies of movies that I’ll never watch again or haven’t watched for a long while. Plus I only have a limited amount of storage space, so I’ve got to be somewhat picky.

  10. TSan

    I consider myself an avid collector of movies who is about 7 months into the BluRay world. I currently have 400 DVDs and almost 70 BluRays. While I buy many and often it is purely budgetary reasons that cannot vote in the more tan 500. I would like to have that many but I don’t have that kind of money to spend, especially on a movie that I already own on DVD. No matter how much better I know it is. Now I have made some crucial DVD to BluRay upgrades but I just like the wealth in most cases.

    Also I am surprised at the lack ok knowledge around people’s personal collections. Do most of you not use a cataloging software like DeliciousLibrary. How do you keep track of what you have or even go about picking out a movie?

    • For simplicity, I’ve just built up my own little spreadsheet, with title, region, number of discs. The rest of the information, well, if I need it, it’s quick enough to look up something on IMDB, or check the disc cover.

      I’m considering getting a few of those flip-through cases that store loads of discs, and storing the boxes, as a lot of them have ended up just in boxes at the moment anyway. Personally, I’d have them lining the walls in bookcases, but that’s just me lol!

    • I repurposed my Livejournal to keep track of all my movies, lp,s and cd’s. As for picking out a movie, I keep them all alphabetized so that’s not really difficult.

  11. HuskerGuy

    Haven’t counted in a bit, but I figure I’m somewhere close to 150. I’ve slowed my purchases a bit lately and have become much more price conscious. If it isn’t a new release below $20 (some movies I make exceptions for) or a catalog release below $15 I pass.

  12. vihdeeohfieuhl

    I was surprised to find out that I still have almot 160 DVDs. I really thought I had gotten rid of more than that. I have 20 HD-DVDs left. I guess an overall collection of about 1000 is not that far off from Josh’s 1060 or so.

  13. Lahrs

    After amassing a collection of a few hundred DVD’s, when it came to Blu-ray, it became a matter of what do I want to upgrade and what I am content with having in SD. While all of my new purchases are in Blu, I have been reluctant to repay for movies I already own. A few, such as the Lord of the Rings trilogy when the EE is released will be a rebuy, but it is a rare case. The only time I have purchased a larger selection of upgrades was during Amazon’s Blu sale over Christmas. It is much easier to justify an upgrade for $10 over $20.

    Of course, throw in Netflix, and my reason for upgrading is further diminished. I used to buy 5-10 DVD’s a week, now I buy maybe one or two movies a month.

    For collection numbers, I counted each movie as 1 and each season as 1, regardless of number of discs or if it were a boxed set.

    And finally, I want to agree with Josh, DVD Profiler is an excellent tool

  14. Nate Boss has over 1300 releases, over 150 of which are imports (that number is probably closer to 200 these days). That is not counting the 30 to 100 normally for sale or for trade at any given time.

    Nate has three MASSIVE bookshelves he uses for the majority of his collection. He has had to open up the normally closed bottoms to utilize their space, and will do so again next week, unhinging the doors so as to get two more shelves worth of space. These are for his viewed discs.

    Nate has two smaller shelves he uses for other releases, screeners, non-screeners he wants to set aside for reviews, and the unwatched discs he has.

    Nate is ashamed that he has the box sets of Torchwood (UK series set), BSG (USA 2nd release entire series), and Rome (USA HBO release) in his unwatched pile. I have about 30+ unwatched Criterion titles (damn BN sales).

  15. I’ll have to double check this when I get home, but I believe I’m around 350 Blurays right now, with about 15 more coming in the mail over the next week and Legend coming at the end of the month, so getting closer to 400 🙂 I notice not many so far in that category either

    DVDs I have around 400 of those too, been slowly replacing as I can when those titles get cheap enough to warrant “another” purchase, so that number has dropped a bit, so as you can guess I had about 800 or so DVDs at the time, I also have a few HD DVDs left over too that are getting replaced as the prices come down 🙂

    • Over 1000? I have to ask a couple of questions at this point:

      1) Could you post your list somewhere?
      2) How many of those have you actually watched?
      3) What kind of job do you have to be able to support that kind of viewing habbit (both time wise and money wise).

  16. im like most people. had/have a ton of dvds then went on the HD DVD bandwagon and still have those and it will two years this july 4th that i’ve gone blu and i have 44 titles. only one have i double dipped.

  17. The Silence

    @ Tim Tringle

    You DVD Profiler registration is available at their website. Just sign in.

    @ William Henley

    DVD Profiler blows Collectorz away. Barcode scanners work with DVD Profiler too. Collectorz wants $19.99 a year to have a webpage. It is free for life with DVD Profiler

  18. vihdeeohfieuhl

    I decided to personally count my collection last night. I didn’t want to go with my friends number. I didn’t believe that I had as many as they said I do. Well it turns out I was way off. Apparently they didn’t count any of the ones that I am storing in my office. I have 1246 blu-rays, 168 dvds, and 23 HD DVDs. I know William might ask so I should add that I have watched all but maybe 15-20 of my blu-ray collection. I am astonished that I have amassed such a large number. I guess it’s time to start selling them. And it is also time to cut down on my purchasing.

  19. Aaron Palik

    273 Total Blus.

    Box sets that included multiple movies that can be purchased otherwise as singles count as multiples. Box sets with discs that are only available as a set count as a single. So…

    Planet Earth and Life each count as 1, even though they both have multiple discs.

    Mission Impossible, Rambo, etc all count as there respective number of movies, since I could have purchased these movies as separates had I chose to do so.

  20. Brian H

    I have 85 blu-ray titles and 17 HD DVDs. First blu-ray I bought was the Blade Runner set in 2007. I have an imported Ghost in the Shell 2 (with lossless audio), the Inception briefcase, and a sealed oop Criterion Third Man. Still, with so few tv and anime series on blu-ray, not to mention the lack of US releases for movies like Pulp Fiction and True Lies, I’d be hard pressed to choose 300 released blu-ray titles that I would want to own.