Videogame Releases: Week of May 1st, 2011

While something’s coming out for just about every system on the market, PlayStation owners are the real winners this week (in terms of videogame releases anyway) thanks to the release of the long-awaited ‘MotorStorm Apocalypse’.

MotorStorm Apocalypse (PS3)

Past ‘MotorStorm’ games have put the focus on natural, outdoorsy environments. ‘Apocalypse’ takes the series in a new direction, letting you race through an apocalyptic city, based around the Bay Area of California. Apparently, it takes place during the apocalypse, rather than doing the post-apocalyptic thing.

The game introduces new cars and motorcycles, but still features the original lineup from the first ‘MotorStorm’ game. It also brings a more story-driven style to the series, focusing on three different characters.

Thor: God of Thunder (360, DS, PS3, Wii)

Well of course there’s a ‘Thor’ game. Why wouldn’t there be? Licensed games, even crappy ones, mean big money for developers and publishers alike. Is ‘Thor: God of Thunder’ a good game? Probably not. Will it sell well enough to recoup costs and make people a bundle of money? Sure will. Hooray for business!

DualPenSports (3DS)

This isn’t a particularly exciting release, but it’s weird and that’s close enough. ‘DualPenSports’ is a series of minigames game for the 3DS controlled by twin styluses, rather than normal controls. In the archery game, for example, you’ll use the left stylus to pull back the string and the right one to aim. It seems novel enough until you take into consideration that the 3DS is not a multi-touch system.


  1. Motorstorm Pacific Rift is simply my favorite game.
    So, I would buy a new Motorstorm version with my eyes closed right?
    Wrong… because for me this is not Motorstorm anymore. Moving from rally tracks to cities made this game become another copy of Burnout.
    This is really sad.

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