Bonus View Digest - April 20, 2012

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April is almost over and you know what that means… Summer Movie Season! Keep your browser keyed on The Bonus View in order to find out what Luke thinks about all the new blockbusters hitting the cinemas this summer.

Along with hotly anticipated movie reviews we'll also keep up with Blu-ray news, TV recaps, and home theater suggestions.

Blu-ray News

This week the Blu-ray Highlights post turned into quite the discussion forum. The subject at hand was Brad Bird's decision to keep the Blu-ray aspect ratio consistent throughout the movie, instead of using switching aspect ratios for the included IMAX footage. What do you think? Come on over and voice your opinion on that post or on the Mid-Week Poll where we asked you to vote on what you thought about this decision.

In case you missed it we have an awesome giveaway this week and today is the last day to enter. Head on over to this blog post and caption the picture in the comments below. Two copies of the BBC's 'Frozen Planet' will be given away to the best captions. Believe me when I say, you want this set.

In packaging news Tom covers the impending wave of Alliance steelbooks which will be available in June.

TV Madness

This week we ended the first round and now we're down to 32 TV characters who will battle it out starting next week to see who makes it to the round of 16.

On Wednesday, Clay Morrow narrowly edged Thomas Magnum and Captain Kirk crushed Robert McCall. On Monday, Clark Kent took out angry fireman Tommy Gavin while Bruce Banner defeated Nikita.

Theatrical News

There's only one big release this weekend. Come see what Luke thought about Disney Nature's new documentary 'Chimpanzee.'

In the Trailer Park, E takes a look at trailers for 'Neighborhood Watch' and 'Seeking a Friend for the End of the World.'

TV Recaps

This week we had recaps for 'The Killing,' 'Game of Thrones,' 'Awake,' and 'Fringe.' Josh also covered the series premiere of HBO's new comedy 'Girls.'

Special Features

This week's Weekend Roundtable we discussed what movies could be set in space, with hilarious results. What movies do you think could easily be set in space? Let us know.

That's it for this week on The Bonus View. The next few weeks will no doubt be crazy with all the new summer movies coming out. Stay tuned to find out how they are.

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