The Trailer Park: Celebrating the Losers

For some reason, movies about adults who we would perceive as losers make for great comedy. The next couple of trailers have grown men who never grew out of their “Hall Monitor” days, and who simply failed at getting things the way they had hoped.

‘Neighborhood Watch’

Either I’m getting old or starting to develop a soft spot for ridiculous silliness, but this short teaser actually makes me laugh. The first few seconds, which look like a “gangsta” video to make the stars of the movie appear tough, are pretty funny. At least to me, that is. The clincher is when the camera pulls back to reveal their ride. It ends on a high note with Ben Stiller and Jonah Hill. I will more than likely wait for the Blu-ray, but either way, I’d like to see it.

‘Seeking a Friend for the End World’

Even though I’d love to get my money and time that I wasted watching ‘Get Smart’ back, I very much remain a loyal fan of Steve Carell. I’ve been watching him (not in a stalker sort of way) since his days on ‘The Daily Show’, and he has consistently made laugh with his gestures, reactions and overall acting – even in that terrible spy comedy. I’m not quite sold on the pairing with Keira Knightley, but the movie’s pairing of a road comedy with an impending apocalypse has me more than willing to see it in theaters.

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  1. Mike

    Ugh. Neighborhood Watch looks like more of the same crap from that bunch. The scripts for their movies must be about 37 pages long.

  2. JM

    I love that ‘Neighborhood Watch’ has Moss from ‘The IT Crowd.’

    However, the script was written by Seth Rogen, and the director spent the last six years directing ‘Saturday Night Live.’

    Is this really an alien invasion flick in the spirit of ‘Attack The Block’?

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