‘The Killing’ 2.04 Recap: “You Got What You Deserved”

This week’s episode of ‘The Killing’ actually reveals a lot, but there’s a chance that everything we’ve seen up to this point is one big red herring. If that’s true, the show will have a difficult time explaining away everything that’s happened.

So, let me see if I can get this straight. Apparently, Janek is much more involved in this thing than we previously thought. This kid Alexi is also a prime suspect, what with his manga tattoo and all. It’s looking like the murder of Rosie is two-fold.

First, somehow Janek and Mayor Adams are connected, probably through the real estate deal (that waterfront development they keep talking about?). Adams got wind of Janek’s plan to snuff out Rosie and decided to use it to his benefit. He framed Richmond by putting Rosie in the trunk of one of Richmond’s campaign cars.

Secondly, Janek went along with this to keep in good relations with the mayor, and to see that he was still making money off of their deals together. Alexi, who is apparently the son of a man that Stan killed while in the Mob, is out for revenge. Janek gets Alexi to kill Rosie and stuff her in the trunk. Alexi gets his revenge; Janek stays good with the mayor, and the mayor frames Richmond. Sounds like a pretty good plan to me.

Now this is only the fourth episode of the season, so I’m expecting a few more “Hey, we sure fooled you” moments, but it seems like this episode really pieces a few things together in a way that actually makes sense.

I’m not sure that I care much about Linden’s newly-forming battle for custody of her son. Anyone can see that she’s not that great of a mother to begin with, due to how tied she is to her job. Meanwhile, Stan’s boys are becoming increasingly bizarre. This time around, it’s Tommy’s turn. The scene where he locks his brother in the trunk of the family car has a ‘Good Son’ vibe to it.

Richmond’s sulky ways continue as he lays in his hospital bed and comes to the very slow realization that he’ll most likely never walk again. This may seem a tad bit insensitive, but someone could totally edit the moment where Jamie tries to help Richmond into his wheelchair into a kind of fake bromantic comedy trailer.

Linden and Holder are back together. Somehow, between them they make a decent investigative team. While they were split up, it appeared as if nothing got done. Together, they’re a crime-solving duo of hoodies and turtlenecks.

I actually liked this episode. It moves the plot more than the past three or four episodes combined. It appears that things are starting to connect and make a bit of sense. And, in true ‘Killing’ fashion, it has to rain at least once, even if there were only seven minutes left in the episode. I think I’m getting a good handle on how and why Rosie died, but I’m sure we’ll get thrown a curve-ball or seven before time runs out.

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