The Trailer Park: After-Summer Surprises

Once the summer movie madness is pretty much over, two more wonderful surprises will hit theater screens. Both come from fairly promising filmmakers, and their short previews have definitely worked some magic on me.


Just about everything in this trailer has me excited to see it as soon as it releases. As someone who already loves time-travel sci-fi flicks, the concept behind this film not only sounds awesome, it’s also mind-bogglingly ingenious. I only hope that the trailer hasn’t already given away the story’s best part, where Joseph Gordon-Levitt is expected to kill Bruce Willis. But seeing as it comes from Rian Johnson, the same mind behind the absolutely amazing ‘Brick’, I think that there’s a pretty good chance the movie will not disappoint.


Based on a novel that was inspired by true events, this Prohibition-era tale makes for another fantastic-looking film. The author of the book is actually the grandson of one of the Bondurant men who ran a bootlegging business in Virginia. The trailer already looks highly promising, but seeing Tom Hardy, Gary Oldman and Guy Pearce together makes me want to see this really badly. I could do without Le-Beef… ur, I mean LaBeouf, though. What ultimately sets this film apart is director John Hillcoat, who gave us ‘The Road‘, which I enjoyed. Here he’s working from a script by the awesome Nick Cave, who also wrote the remarkable ‘The Proposition‘. I’m watching this in theaters.

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  1. Yeah Looper looks amazing, havent seen Brick yet, gonna have to go find that one to check out, forgot all about it 🙂

    and I’m wondering exactly why Gordon-Levitt looks so weird in this movie compared to say, Inception, his facial structure looks completely different, is that on purpose with FX or did he somehow change his face in real life?

  2. JM

    ‘Lawless’ killed at Cannes.

    I credit Gary Oldman with a Tommy gun.

    It got a 10-minute standing ovation in the Palais.

    For badass violence, it received a lot of comparisons to ‘Drive.’

  3. JM

    Charlie Jane at io9 got me all hot for ‘Looper’s sci-fi seven months ago.

    With Piper Perabo as a showgirl and Emily Blunt with a shotgun, I’m all in.

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