‘In the Shadow of the Moon’ Contest Results

As we continue to mourn the loss of a true American hero, we at The Bonus View want to celebrate Neil Armstrong’s accomplishments by giving one of our readers a copy of the excellent space-race documentary ‘In the Shadow of the Moon‘ on Blu-ray. The results of last week’s contest are in. Follow after the break to find out who won.

As explained in the original post, our challenge was to create a funny, clever, patriotic or respectful caption for the following image:

We received a lot of great responses. After going through the painful process of narrowing the results down to just a handful of the best entries, here are some of our favorites.

Honorable Mentions

I normally limit Honorable Mentions to 10, but I had such a hard time with this one that I had to double that count. I’ll start with some of the respectful entries and then move onto the funny ones.

Joe wrote:

Someday those fifty stars should represent fifty worlds, not just fifty states on one world.

Ryan S. wrote:

That’s one giant leap into history..

Jim S. wrote:

From hundreds of years as a dream, to eight years as a belief, to a day of reality.

Fred W. wrote:

No matter where you are, the american flag leaves you breathless….

OK, now for the funny ones.

Alex wrote:

You’d think they could’ve swept up a little before company came over.

CK wrote:

I can’t believe there’s already a McDonalds and a Wal-Mart.

Both of these from Barsoom Bob are pretty great:

Wait, what is that large, black, rectangular, monolithic looking object over there ?

So, this is where the GOP has been hiding Sarah Palin for the last few months !

Eric H. wrote:

When are my MTV royalties going to show up?

Jeff C. wrote:

Alice, “Ralph, Ralph…I’mmm Sorry”

J.J. wrote:

In the shadow of the moon? More like in the shadow of the earth, duh!

Dan J. wrote:

“they should make this into a movie someday with talking alien robots. There is no way a director could screw this up!”

Dennis L. wrote:

Good thing mom’s not here to see the footprints I left on the nice clean floor.

Kyle W. wrote:

Some day, someone is going to invent an *internet* and build a *Facebook* and this is going to make the BEST profile picture ever!

A different Eric H. wrote:

That is one small step for man…uhhh Shots! Shots! Shots! I’m on the moon biiiitch!

This Eric, however, did not pay attention to our rule about only ten entries per person.

Iron Man wrote:

Just think, in a few more years we’ll be walking on Mars…..

DemLo wrote:

DAMN IT!! Did I forget to program the DVR?!!

“I repeat, no oil found on the moon. I guess we brought democracy here for nothing.”

“Hey Buzz, control say there’s supposed to be a third guy with us, but they forgot his name. Do you know anything about that?”

Mark L. wrote:

Khaaaaaaaaaaan !!!

Matthew S. wrote:

“That’s no moon. It’s a s….wait, wait, wait… that’s a moon.”

“Come on Kubrick…this backpack is getting heavy…get the shot already!!!!”

MediumJon wrote:

The gas prices here are ridiculous!!

Hello NASA? We ain’t found shit!

I better get a billion thumbs up on this FB check in!

Yo, Michael Jackson…. watch and learn…

One does not simply
walk on the moon…

Ryan wrote:

Negative, Houston. No cheese in sight.

The Winner!

As great as all of the funny entries were, this response from Dave T. brought a genuine tear to my eye:

It is befitting that we won’t be flying that one at half-mast.

For that, Dave T. wins a copy of ‘In the Shadow of the Moon’ on Blu-ray.

Congratulations to Dave T. for winning, and thanks to everyone else for participating!

R.I.P. Neil Armstrong.

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