“Tweets from Middle Earth” Contest Results!

We love giving away free stuff here at The Bonus View whenever we have the opportunity. Last week, we offered you the chance to win all three ‘Lord of the Rings’ movies on Blu-ray in a contest we called Tweets from Middle Earth. All you had to do was imagine that the ‘Rings’ characters had internet access and a juvenile mentality to tweet whatever came into their heads. Once again, we got a bunch of great entries. Follow after the break to see who won.

Each contestant was allowed five tweets. Here are some of my favorites.

Honorable Mentions

William wrote:

TheRealFrodo: I can see it taking them. They all want it! I must go. @SamTheGardner will not understand.

SamTheGardner: I won’t leave you, @TheRealFrodo! @GandalfTheGrey said “Dont you leave him” & I wont!

GandalfTheGrey: Auto reply: AFK for a few weeks. No Blackberry signal where I will be.

Shayne wrote:

Balrog: Magneto just broke into my house, threw me down a damn near bottomless pit AND THEN off a mountain. WTF.

Tom wrote:

Froggobaggins: @gandolfwiz seriously we could have taken the eagles the whole time! #FML

Samthewise: @frodobaggins IKR! All that walking for what!? #FML

Brian wrote:

SamWiseMe: RIP Gandalf…oops nevermind.

Thomas wrote:

Frodo: zzz, studying. so boring

Gandalf: @Frodo, keep tweeting while u’re studying and U shall NOT pass!

The Winner!

In a contest like this, it’s not really possible to say that one entry is necessarily better than the others. They were all pretty good (even those that didn’t get mentioned above). But this one from BambooLounge made me laugh the hardest:

SamWiseGuy: @ShireTwibe Sry 4 cuttn out 1/2hr early…thought story ended :*(

I feel SamWiseGuy’s pain. That pretty much sums up my own feelings towards the ‘Rings’ trilogy. Good movies, but geez they go on and on and on, don’t they? Especially the last one, which has about a dozen endings before the credits roll.

Congratulations to BambooLounge! Everyone else, don’t feel left out if you didn’t win. We’re going to give you another chance to win a free Blu-ray later today. Stay tuned!


  1. BambooLounge

    Looks like I’ll need to learn how to read so I can use that bookmark.

    Josh…I’ll shoot you a PM on the forum with my shipping address…thanks!

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