The Contests Keep Coming. Win ‘Robin Hood’ on Blu-ray!

Can you believe we’re having yet another contest? It’s crazy, right? This week, we’re giving away ‘Robin Hood: Director’s Cut‘ on Blu-ray. Follow after the break for the rules on how to win.

We’ve already done haiku contests and a tweet contest. For this one, let’s try a limerick contest. That seems sort of appropriate. Write a limerick on the theme of Robin Hood and post it in the comments. It doesn’t have to be about this specific movie. It can be about the Robin Hood legend or any previous film version.

To be clear, a limerick is a 5-line poem with a strict A A B B A rhyming pattern. Lines 1, 2, and 5 generally have seven to ten syllables. Lines 3 and 4 should be shorter, with around five to seven syllables. For example:

Many famous actors have tried their luck
Playing Sherwood’s hero with courage and pluck
Crowe, Costner and Flynn
Have thrown their hats in
But the best Robin Hood is still Daffy Duck

Be creative. Be funny. Be bawdy if you want. The winner will be chosen at our own subjective discretion based on whatever we enjoy the most. We’re going to open this one up and say that you can submit as many entries as you want.

We have one Blu-ray copy of ‘Robin Hood’ to give away. Results will be announced next week.

This contest is only open to entrants from the domestic United States. We will not ship internationally (whether you’re a U.S. citizen or not). Employees of High-Def Digest or Internet Brands and their families are not eligible. Standard contest rules and conditions apply. Winners of our previous contests are also not eligible to win, but may get Honorable Mentions.

The deadline for entry is this Friday, September 24th. The winner will be announced next week. Good luck to everyone who enters.


  1. Shayne Blakeley

    He lived in the woods with his “Merry Men”
    and was famously played by Errol Flynn
    Bromance with Lil John
    and green bondage gear on
    I don’t think he was THAT into Marion

  2. Alex

    Rode Locksley to Marian to see
    Then fell upon bended knee
    But to marry the dope
    She just had to say nope
    Cause he looked better in tights than did she

  3. Shayne Blakeley

    Mastrontonio’s certainly modest
    and Yasbeck is damn near a goddess
    No offense to Blanchett
    but I’ve got to admit
    That the Disney cartoon was the hottest

  4. Mystic Pizza

    There once was a Robin from Loxley
    Walt Disney imagined him foxy
    He stole from the rich
    to impress a kept bitch
    Boy did Robin have moxie

  5. Mystic Pizza

    There once was a John who was little
    who men would hesitate to belittle
    for he was ironically named
    and many have claimed
    he could squash a man’s head like a Skittle

  6. Mystic Pizza

    Limerick overload:

    Let us discuss Friar Tuck
    the holy man who didn’t give a fuck
    He risked his ass
    before and after mass
    aiding Robin until he ran out of luck

    Oh how could we forget Maid Marian
    Robin Hood’s sought after contrarian
    She resisted Prince John
    who wanted to get it on
    But Marian chose the pretend proletarian

    Robin Hood is a legend for the ages
    because he stole Prince John’s wages
    he gave his spoils to the poor
    and fed them wild boar
    Now his name even fills these webpages

    Robin Hood is history’s first good thief
    Ben Affleck recently seized this motif
    Robbing with a heart of gold in The Town
    Audiences still left with a frown
    Only for Robin will they suspend disbelief

  7. motorheadache

    “Nottingham” showed fresh ideas weren’t dead
    But Scott didn’t like the script he had read
    So the story sunk
    And the movie stunk
    ‘Cause he redid “Gladiator” instead.

  8. Brandon Erwin

    Back when global warming wasn’t a problem,
    Green Gangsters robbed rich to eliminate boredom.
    Men in Tights ran round stealing gold
    Giving back to the hobos living out in the cold.
    These are the times of the bow shooting Hoodlum.

    Even Kevin Costner who went dancing with wolves,
    Did a better job than this jolly bunch of fools.
    Please make sure to cast Crowe in the Hood
    Everybody knows he made Gladiator good.
    Who knew that you could film boring longbow duels?

    Overused shots of that slow motion arrow.
    Lets Rip off Gladiator but give Russel a Longbow.
    Costars beware, don’t make him mad
    You’ll be dodging cellphones and that would be bad.
    It seems like Ridley Scott has a Thing for Crowe.

    Lets make a boring prequel to Robin Hood.
    Starring Russel Crowe to ensure that it sells good.
    So what if he makes dialog dull,
    Or sometimes loses his temper control?
    Who cares that his acting is dryer than most plywood.

  9. Brandon Erwin

    Ridley Scott convinced me to waste my money.
    This movie even managed to knockout my hyperactive Honey.
    Halfway through i heard her snore,
    I couldn’t blame her, this movie was a bore.
    This is no joke, and I don’t find it funny.

    Oh Lord Why did I stray from your path,
    Seeing this movie showed me the power of your wrath.
    “Iron Man 2” called the angels above,
    But I choose Robin Hood for its action/love.
    No amount of Holy Water can cleanse me of this Bore-bath.

  10. Kid Poblete

    Tinkerbell on blu is my daughter’s choice
    Crowe and Scott surely will not rejoice
    My budget is quite tight
    to see the man in tight.
    Let not be robbed, by the Hollywood boys!

  11. Brandon Erwin

    Thievery, tights, and wooden ammunition.
    None of which worth the cost of admission
    Scott replicated times where nothing ever happened
    Action and romance had yet to be imagined.
    The live action version of eternal perdition

    Merry men they may be,
    This remake I vow to never see.
    The stiffness of the Crowe,
    Repeated shots of the time frozen arrow,
    Yet another film that dragged into eternity.

    Why must we suffer through,
    Hollywood’s inability to come up with new,
    ideas instead of re-hashed remakes.
    Years of my life, this disaster takes.
    Heads up Micheal Bay, I’m talking to you.

  12. Brandon Erwin

    The thief prince in love with his Queen.
    Betraying his country with a cloak of green.
    Reminding the King power only goes so far,
    And that you cannot rule without that golden bar.
    Enemies fall by his arrows unseen.

  13. Brandon Erwin

    Please High Def Digest Send me this Movie.
    In return i’ll send you all pics of my booty.
    I need this film, whether good or bad,
    To eventually rebuild the film collection i once had.
    For God’s sakes men, it is your duty!

    lol not so much about robin hood but you gotta admit its catchy!

  14. chompy

    Robin’s men were very
    happy down the derry;
    I guess today
    we’d call ’em gay,
    back then they called ’em merry.

  15. Josh Zyber

    So it seems that Warner’s PR department wasn’t happy about the example limerick I initially posted. There’s a new one up there now.

    Seeing some great entries. I just want to remind everyone that lines 3 and 4 of the limerick should be shorter than 1, 2, and 5.

  16. BambooLounge

    Well I can’t win this one anyway…

    So, Warner Bros. didn’t like Josh’s rhyme
    They seem to think Costner was fine
    Newsflash he sucked
    and you can get [use your rhyming imagination]
    Please cast an actor who speaks “British” next time.

  17. Brandon Erwin

    Over Sherwood forest, a darkness does rise.
    Shadowing the land with desperate cries.
    Arrows from his bow doth soar,
    Picking the lock on evil’s door.
    As the Hood is born, the devil dies.

  18. Brandon Erwin

    The forest bows beneath his feet,
    Lawless men his arrows do defeat.
    Cloaked with power,
    In the darkest hour,
    The outlaw’s job he does complete.

    Whispers of power creep through the wind.
    Bringing with them our hero’s legend.
    Carrying peace his arrow whirled,
    Carving out a better world.
    Back to the Earth, evil he does send.

  19. Brandon Erwin's Mom

    These were written by my mother Lol, even she wants me to win 😀

    Living deep within Sherwood Forest,
    Robbing the Rich, gving back to the poorest.
    Beside a Gang of Merry Men
    Willing to do whatever asked of them,
    The outlaw, Hero, and Archerest.

    Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves.
    Dirty Knees, Look at These!
    Medeival times musta been fun,
    Lincoln green clothes for everyone.
    Who was evermore so willing to please.

    Robin Hood, Robin Hood where have you gone?
    The world is a mess and everythings wrong.
    We need a dear Hero
    To put the deficit back to zero.
    Our leader failed, only you are that strong.

    Everyone get up, its the Robin Hood Song,
    Put on your tights, and slap on that green thong!
    Sherwood Forest represent!
    Elect the outlaw for president!
    Oh God did I write this? musta played to much beer pong.

  20. Mystic Pizza

    Robin Hood is a legend often told
    but hearing it told the same way grew old
    We all love Errol Flynn
    but now Crowe has stepped in
    as Sir Ridley attempts something bold

  21. Mystic Pizza

    How could I forget good ole Blinkin
    No, I did not say Abe Lincoln
    he’s the guy who is blind
    and loyal and kind
    Oops it is Mel Brook’s film about which I’m thinkin’

  22. motorheadache

    Morgan Freeman brought the movie some class
    And Alan Rickman I can give a pass
    But Costner was lame
    And who do I blame
    For the scene where I have to look at his ass?

  23. chompy

    Marion let Robin hood give her
    a seeing-to down by the river,
    for his aim it was true,
    and had something to do
    with a dexterous use of his quiver.