The Best Laid (Weekend) Plans

Welcome back to Week 2 of The Bonus View. How was everybody’s weekend? Because I am a nerd, I spent my Saturday at the official G.I. Joe Collectors’ Convention, which was held this year in Providence, RI. My intent was to talk to a Shout! Factory rep about the studio’s upcoming Blu-ray release of the animated ‘G.I. Joe: The Movie‘. I hoped to gather some details that may have been missing from the press announcement (like specs) and ask about the studio’s future plans to bring any other properties to Blu-ray.

Unfortunately, Shout! Factory didn’t have a presence at this year’s convention, even though it has in the past. Or, if it did, my timing must not have worked out and I missed it. So much for those plans.

I did, however, get to see some of Hasbro’s upcoming action figures and toys. They look pretty swell. (You’ll find more comprehensive coverage at I also met up with my good friend Corey, proprietor of the invaluable G.I. Joe collectors’ retailer So, from that perspective, the trip was a big success. I just wish I had more news to report here. I for one am really looking forward to that Blu-ray of the animated film. It may not be a very “good” movie, but it was an absolutely essential part of my childhood.


  1. Dick Ward

    Sure it might not be the best movie, but it’s far better than ‘The Rise of Cobra,’ and that’s all that matters. 🙂

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