Blade Runner 2049

SteelBook Alert: More Human than Human

Sadly, the long-awaited ‘Blade Runner 2049’ appears to be following in its predecessor’s footsteps and will be a box office bust in theaters. Much like the original, however, it’s sure to be a cult item on video. SteelBooks and other fancy editions are already announced.

UK Blu-ray SteelBook

Available at: Amazon UK
Release date: TBD
Price: £24.99
Video Formats: Blu-ray/3D (no UHD)

Although I feel fairly confident that a SteelBook will also be released domestically, the first available for preorder comes from the UK. (Note that Sony handles international distribution for the film, whereas Warner Bros. has it in North America.) The artwork pictured looks OK. Perhaps a little bland, but at least it’s not a Pop Art travesty.

Not yet, anyway. The image is clearly labeled TBC and may very well change before release.

Zavvi has already sold out on this item. If you’re a fan or SteelBook collector, you should probably scoop this up from Amazon UK as soon as possible.

Blade Runner 2049 SteelBook

Blade Runner 2049 SteelBook open

Mondo Ultra HD SteelBook

Available at: HMV
Release date: TBD
Price: £29.99 (Delivery to the UK only)
Video Formats: Blu-ray/3D/UHD

Speaking of Pop Art travesties, the notorious Mondo collective has been commissioned to provide an exclusive SteelBook to HMV. The temp art currently displayed on the listing page is obviously not final, as it’s not nearly Pop Art-y enough and doesn’t look like Mondo at all. Expect the actual product to look like a half-completed coloring book page.

Blade Runner 2049 Mondo SteelBook

Update: Here’s the final art. It’s fortunately not in coloring book style and is actually fairly tame by Mondo standards, but I still don’t particularly care for it.

Blade Runner 2049 UK Mondo SteelBook

UHD Gift Set

Available at: Zavvi or Amazon UK
Release date: TBD
Price: $54.39 (Currently unavailable/sold out)
Video Formats: Blu-ray/UHD (no 3D)

This one is just silly. Sony has shoved a copy of the Ultra HD Blu-ray into an oversized box with some branded shot glasses. While, yes, Harrison Ford is seen drinking whiskey in the movie, that’s hardly a critical plot detail.

The product is listed as being unavailable or sold out, but I’m not sure if that perhaps means it simply hasn’t opened up for orders yet. I can’t imagine it being a huge seller.

Blade Runner 2049 Gift Set

Blade Runner 2049 Gift Set Whiskey Glasses

(Thanks to Julian for the tips.)

French UHD Gift Set with SteelBook and Gun Replica

Available at: FNAC
Release date: Feb. 14, 2018
Price: Sold out?
Video Formats: Blu-ray/3D/UHD

As noted by reader JudasCradle in the Comments, French retailer FNAC will bundle a SteelBook (identical to the UK version) into a box with a replica of a gun used in the film. It appears to be sold out. Even if it weren’t, I imagine someone in the U.S. trying to import it might have some trouble getting it through Customs.

Blade Runner 2049 French SteelBook with Gun Replica


  1. Bolo

    I guess the shot glasses are more practical swag than a wooden horsey and easier to manufacture than a holographic life partner.

      • Timcharger

        Just saying, one week is: all-I-can-see-is-breasts and that’s not right! Righteous, wagging my finger, shaking my head.

        And another week is: I’d pay for more drooling-face-emoji fully-interactive hologram, if you know what I mean, wink wink, growl growl, howl at the moon.

        Just noticing what I read.

  2. Chris B

    Not the biggest fan of any of them tbh… Hopefully the BB exclusive SB comes with more attractive artwork. Now all we neex is a release date. I’m guessing January 2018?

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