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About Tom Landy

Tom Landy has published numerous collectible gaming articles in Scrye and IQ Gamer magazines before eventually shifting his focus to film when he became a contributor at DVDTOWN in early 2008. A year later, Tom joined the team at High-Def Digest where he continues to write Blu-ray reviews and reports disc-related news.

On the Table: NINJA’d!!!

Hey now, you’re an all-star ninja, get your game on, go play! You probably have that Smash Mouth tune stuck in your head now, huh? Sorry about that, but soon you’ll be able to smash the mouths of rival ninja warriors and fight for...

On the Table: F.A.B.!

It’s hard to believe that the cult TV adventure franchise ‘Thunderbirds’ is already turning 50 this year. Game publisher Modiphius Entertainment will celebrate the monumental anniversary with a brand-new co-operative board game du...