• Got A Spare Grand? Hot Toys Reissues 1989 Batman 1/6 Figure and Batmobile

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    Hot Toys 1989 Batman and Batmobile 1/6 Figure Reissues now up for pre-order

    Ever wanted to own a little Michael Keaton? After going out of print a few years ago, Hot Toys is now reissuing two of their most popular 1/6 scale figures based on Tim Burtan’s iconic 1989 film. Maybe a new Jack Nicolson Joker is on the horizon?

    If collecting your favorite movies in the highest quality format wasn’t enough for you to express your love for your favorite movies, the action figure market is a whole other game - and can be quite expensive and addicting! Now with 2023’s The Flash trailer revealing the long-awaited return of Michael Keaton as Batman, Hot Toys is reissuing two of their most popular 1/6 scale figures - Keaton’s 1989 Batman and Batmobile. Not stopping at a simple re-issue, it looks like fans can expect something new in the box as well!

    Deluxe Edition Batman

    Expected ship date April 2024-September 2024 

    While scoring this excellent figure may be a boon for those who initially missed out several years ago, this new Deluxe Edition will feature a new display base depicting the church gargoyle from the film’s climax. If that wasn’t cool enough, the gargoyle is apparently removable allowing you to give Batman a dramatic perch to spot any crime in your home theater room!


    If the description of the figure is accurate, it looks like collectors can expect a new head with separate rolling eyes. For many collectors (myself included), the previous edition of this head was a pain and the eye mechanism could jam or break leaving your figure looking cross-eyed and rather stupid. On top of the base figure, you get some extra hands, batarangs, ninja stars, grappling hooks, remote, and other items to spice up your display.


    This figure is currently up for pre-order at Sideshow Toys and rolls for a pretty hefty $345 before shipping and taxes.

    Collector’s Edition Batman 

    Expected ship date April 2024-September 2024

    Now if you’re not interested in a fancy display base, a more basic version of the figure is also up for pre-order and will only run you a modest $279 before shipping and taxes. With that, you get pretty much everything the Deluxe Edition figure has to offer, minus the fancy display base. 

    But what’s the point of owning a Batman figure without his car?

    1989 Batmobile

    Expected ship date April 2024-September 2024

    Talk about a grail accessory for any number of collectors! For many fans, the Batmobile design peaked in 1989 and has never been improved upon. This classic piece of machinery in 1/6 scale form was expensive and hard to come by when it was first issued. While it’ll be easier to pick up now with a new pre-order, it’s not going to be cheap. Sideshow has it pegged at $715 before taxes and shipping! 

    But, this is a hell of an accessory item. Designed to fit your 1/6 1989 Batman figure, it is massive stretching roughly 40 inches long (about the size of my three-year-old!), almost 16 inches wide, and ten inches high at the wings. But this isn’t just a fancy model to look at. The wheels turn, it has hidden front machine guns, side disc launchers, complete with light-up LED dash display, headlights, tail lights, and jet engine! 

    Of course, these are high-tier collector’s items and cost a pretty penny, but Sideshow does offer financing and a rewards program for members to help you build your collection. Happy collecting!

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Got A Spare Grand? Hot Toys Reissues 1989 Batman 1/6 Figure and Batmobile

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