• The Room Coming to 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray August 11th

    Posted Wed Apr 1, 2020 at 04:58 AM PDT by

     Tommy Wiseau’s 2003 legendary midnight movie cult smash The Room will be getting a fresh new 4K restoration. Infamously shot using both 35mm and then state-of-the-art digital HD cinema cameras, The Room will be getting a frame one restoration effort for a visually enhanced experience unlike anything fans have seen before.


    “This was great opportunity for me to get The Room right,” says Writer, Producer, Director, Star Tommy Wiseau. “When I first made The Room, I was doing something no one else done before – shooting a film on film and digital at same time. Now with new 4K technology I see I didn’t need to shoot film at all. This new improved The Room will be only the digital. No film. Film look old. The Room is a beautiful film, so it should look that way with the digital. It create more real experience with Dolby Vision.” "I honestly can't believe this is happening," says Greg Sestero. 


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    The Room 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Technical Specifications

    • NEW - 4K restoration from Digital HD source elements, mastered in Dolby Vision HDR.
    • NEW - Dolby Atmos Audio for a rich auditory experience with an enhanced sexy soundtrack.
    • NEW - Tommy Wiseau Audio Commentary
    • NEW - Live Audience Participation Audio Track – Throw spoons at your own TV experience!
    • NEW - Behind The Scenes Documentary from Tommy’s videotape archives.
    • NEW - Me And My Pal – retrospective of the endearing friendship between Tommy and Greg.
    • NEW - That Disaster Movie is No Good – Tommy reviews The Disaster Artist in-depth scene-by-scene rebuttal of events depicted in the Golden Globe-winning film.


    The Room 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray will be available August 11th 2020  - preorders are not yet live.




    *Obviously this is an April Fools gag – We love you Tommy! We’d love to see this come out in 4K!

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