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    High-Def Digest Blu-ray Texas Chainsaw Massacre Thanksgiving

    The delicious food and home-baked pies with heaping sides of mashed potatoes help, but after awhile, a little family time can get to be a bit too much to handle. In order to maintain your sanity, you're going to need to escape to a good movie. But not just any movie will do. [/teaser]You want a film that's entertaining, but not one that's entertaining to everyone - just some people - after all you don't want to be a total recluse on this busy day but you don't want the entire crowd to join in on.  We've worked up a list of 15 great movies to help you get through the family craziness of Thanksgiving family!

    Die Hard 2 Die Harder

    Die Hard 2: Die Harder

    Why 'Die Hard 2' you may be asking? Why not 'Die Hard?' While the first 'Die Hard' is a holiday action classic, it's also extremely popular with most folks, and it could draw a lot of extra viewers - that's why you put on 'Die Hard 2.' It's not as popular as the first film, most people consider it an inferior rehash of the original so they'll be less inclined to watch it with you. It's still a heck of a lot of fun - where else are you going to see John McClane get ejected out of an exploding cargo jet, fight the rogue army division aligned to a Latin-American dictator, and get in a fight on the wing of a jetliner with William Sadler? Only in 'Die Hard 2: Die Harder!'

    Special Effects Collection

    The Special Effects Collection

    With titles like 'Son of Kong,' 'Mighty Joe Young,' 'The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms,' and 'Them!' to choose from, you've got the makings of some great movie watching. The best part about this set is that these movies are wildly entertaining and should help boost your metabolism just enough to make room for more pie. Also, these movies aren't the ones everyone loves to watch and at the same time are kid-friendly enough that most little ones running around the house shouldn't have a problem sitting down to some giant gorillas, an ancient lizard destroying a city, or a hoard of mutant ants devouring people! 

    Dumb and Dumber

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