• Only 3 Days Left To Back 3D Film Archive's Abbott & Costello Show Ssn 2 Kickstarter!

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    Abbott & Costello Show Kickstarter

    Bob Furmanek and the 3-D Film Archive team are at it again restoring Season Two of the classic Abbott and Costello Show for Blu-ray and DVD!

    Now is your chance to pre-order this hilarious television series and score some cool perks!

    Following their amazing work on Africa ScreamsJack and the Beanstalk, and The Abbott and Costello Show Season One - Bob Furmanek and his team of restoration wizards are working overtime to deliver comedy fans The Abbott and Costello Show Season Two a new 4K restoration from the original 35mm camera negatives. Click Here To Learn More and Pre-order your Blu-ray or DVD

    Why are they doing a Kickstarter to restore The Abbott and Costello Show Season Two?

    Unlike your average 90-minute or two-hour movie, there are 26 episodes that need more than a little TLC to be HD ready. That's nearly 120,000 feet of film! The last time this series was given any attention was in the 1980s. Even the past DVD sets from over ten years ago simply reused those old masters and added a ton of unsightly sharpening to make them "look better". This is an expensive undertaking, to say the least so by pre-ordering your set now and throwing in some of the add-ons, Bob and his restoration team can work their magic. And they do work magic on slim budgets having restored dozens of incredible classic 3-D feature films for Blu-ray.

    What do I get if I pre-order The Abbott and Costello Show Season Two on Kickstarter? 

    Well, you get just that. Whether you want to pick it up on Blu-ray or if you're still rocking DVD (that's cool, we're not judging), you can snag the fully restored second season of this classic television series. And as an extra cool kick, if you didn't pick up their restoration of The Abbott and Costello Season One on either DVD or Blu-ray, you can grab that too while you're at it!

    How much does it cost to support The Abbott and Costello Show Season Two Kickstarter? 

    You have a couple of different options for supporting this restoration effort. First, you can pre-order just the The Abbott and Costello Show Season Two DVD for $30 (plus shipping), or if you want the best presentation possible you can roll with the Blu-ray for $40 (again plus shipping). Now to sweeten the deal for those late to the party, if you need to add The Abbott and Costello Show Season One to your collection on DVD or Blu-ray you can order both seasons at the same time - $60 for the two-season DVD and $75 for the two-season Blu-ray (again plus shipping). However, if you want to be a real angel of physical media, a true one-of-a-kind mensch, you can still throw a few bucks in without a reward.

    Are there any pledge add-ons for The Abbott and Costello Show Season Two Kickstarter?

    Good thing you asked! As of this writing, there are two very cool add-ons you can spring for:

    • On First, for $50 there is a 35-mm film cell from the show printed on Dupont safety film stock.
    • On Second, for $125 you can pick up an original 78 rpm record of Bud and Lou's legendary "Who's on First" routine that was handed out to guests at the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York! That's a pretty cool slice of history for the collection!
    • On Third, well we don't know who's on third because right now those are the only two add-ons but there could be more in the waning hours of this Kickstarter effort! 

    When can I expect my Blu-ray or DVD pre-order of The Abbott and Costello Show Season Two?

    As with any Kickstarter, the timing of your pledge rewards is always subject to change if any complications come up or weird nonsense happens. But as they detail at the end of their Kickstarter information, they've already inspected all of the elements for this Abbott and Costello Show Season Two restoration and they don't anticipate any hiccups. They're projecting a May 2023 delivery timeframe. 

    What Other Classic Films Has 3-D Film Archive Restored?

    In addition to their work on old favorites featuring the comedic dynamic duo of Bud and Lou, 3-D Film Archive has been involved in a number of amazing classic 3-D film restorations over the years. Favorites titles they've restored for 2D and 3D Blu-ray include:

    And if that's not enough, they're currently working on a full restoration of the campy sci-fi masterpiece Robot Monster for 3D Blu-ray! 

    Click Here To Pre-order Your Abbott and Costello Show Season Two Blu-ray or DVD!

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