The Bonus View Digest - June 10, 2011

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This was one of the most eventful weeks we've had on The Bonus View. We had numerous stories that featured double-digit comments from our wonderful movie loving community we have here. See what kind of camaraderie you're missing out on when you don't tune into The Bonus View?

Movie Madness

The Tournament O' Death has finally wound down, and we crowned a winner. Darth Vader took home the championship, but not before we had quite a few hotly contested matchups. To see how we go to the final match that saw a victorious Vader crushing the life out of a helpless Batman, check out the links below.

Batman vs. John McClane

Darth Vader vs. Indiana Jones

Batman vs. Darth Vader

Movie Madness 2011: A Look Back

Fans of the Movie Madness tournament, don't fret. We've got some great things in the works, like a Tournament O' Death for some of our favorite TV characters. Keep updated on The Bonus View to find out when it's going to happen.

TV Recaps

As always The Bonus View tracks and blogs about your favorite shows. For many shows we do weekly recaps just in case you missed anything. It's a time to discuss the show with fellow fans and talk about where it's going. This week we had recaps for shows like 'Franklin & Bash', 'The Killing', 'Game of Thrones', and a special interview from the creator of 'Community'.

As the summer TV season heats up you better believe we'll be covering some of the hottest shows. You'll have to keep a lookout to see which shows we'll be covering.

Video Game News

Not only did our intrepid video game reporter, Dick Ward, keep up updated on the video game releases this week; he also brought it to our attention that we could get up to two free games from Sony Playstation Network. This was good news for a guy like me who rarely buys video games but loves to play them. Right after reading Dick's report I went onto PSN and downloaded Little Big Planet for free!

Theatrical News

This was a big week at the theater. Luke Hickman gave us some great Weekend Box Office Updates. He also provided us with an early review of 'Super 8', which seems to be the movie to see this summer. He also wrote a nice review for Woody Allen's new flick 'Midnight in Paris'.

Last, but definitely not least, Luke wrote up a controversial piece on theatrical 3D and if it was facing a downward slide in box office numbers. It sparked a great debate between the readers that's still raging on right now. Check it out and add your two cents.

Home Theater News

Our resident HD expert Josh Zyber is always tweaking his home theater setup. This week he gave us a glimpse of the new Vizio 3D TV he purchased to compliment his 3D projector he just installed a few weeks ago. He also gave us a heads up on a setback he had with his 3D setup, which is something all people who were wondering about installing a 3D home theater should read.

Special Features

This week we seemed to be brimming with all kinds of featured posts that garnered quite a lot of response from readers. Last week's Roundtable asked the writers which franchises were in need of a reboot. The Mid-Week Poll was a doozy, as we decided once and for all (kind of) who is the worst director out of Michael Bay and Stephen Sommers.

Posterizing is a new featured post we're doing where we take a look at recent movie posters, discuss them, and mainly just enjoy the artwork that goes along with movie marketing.

Finally we had a fun little post about the Alamo Drafthouse Theater and their policy on kicking texters out of movies. You just have to see the video that goes along with the post. It's hilarious.

Thanks again for another successful week on The Bonus View. If you haven't made your way over yet make sure you do. It's a place where you can casually chat with other movie fans, all the while reading great posts from our crack team of writers. Hope to see you here soon!

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