Movie Madness: Indiana Jones vs. Darth Vader

John McClane made a worthy run to the Movie Madness Final Four, but he got stopped cold on Friday when he thought that he could take out Batman. I believed that McClane was more than capable of dispatching Batman to the afterlife, but the majority of our voters felt the exact opposite. Today’s matchup is a doozy, though: Darth Vader versus Indiana Jones. Let’s do this!

This matchup will decide who will go on to the big finale to face Batman for the championship. It’s almost an impossible matchup, too. We have two of cinema’s most popular characters. One is the hero of heroes, and the other is one of cinema’s nastiest and most memorable villains.

Indiana Jones – Dr. Jones has shown that popularity can carry you through anything. I know that he is THE Indiana Jones, but I still find it crazy that he was able to defeat Wolverine – an almost indestructible being with insane healing powers and metal spikes in his hands. Yet, Jones was able to take out him along with the likes of Hannibal Lecter and Boba Fett. He’s had one of the toughest roads to the Final Four, but he’s made it through because… well, how can we vote against Indiana Jones, right?


Darth Vader – Vader has had a relatively easy go at getting to the finals. I thought that his matchup against Tony Stark would have really tested exactly what he was made of, but his use of the Dark Side of the Force helped him overcome Iron Man. However, now Vader must go up against Indiana Jones, who has already proven to have fighting powers that we never knew.

Final Word: In a fight, I don’t see how Jones could overcome the powers that Vader possesses. However, maybe this match doesn’t come down to fighting skills at all. Maybe it comes down to who has the biggest following. Honestly, I have no idea which of these characters has the bigger fan base.

Darth Vader vs. Indiana Jones

  • Darth Vader (68%, 122 Votes)
  • Indiana Jones (32%, 58 Votes)

Total Voters: 180

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  1. Everyone, before you vote, please remember that the winner of this match will go directly into the epic final battle on Wednesday. You should take into consideration who you want to face off against Batman in the finale.

    Batman vs. Darth Vader would be the ultimate battle of good vs. evil. Batman vs. Indiana Jones, not so much.

    Let’s make this happen. Vote Vader. 🙂

    • RBBrittain

      Since when was “good vs. evil” a criterion in a “tournament o’death”? Either Batman vs. Vader or Batman vs. Indy would be a worthy final.

      It’s like the DC vs. Marvel battles of some years back (the one that led to Amalgam Comics), where the final battle was Batman vs. Captain America–from opposite universes, but both ordinary humans who developed the strength and tools to fight with the best of the superhumans. And of all the superhumans in this tournament, Vader was the ONLY one to make the final four.

      (No, I haven’t made up my mind yet. I’m just pointing out Indy’s strengths that make this battle too close to call, despite Vader’s obvious advantages.)

    • Hey, let’s have some REAL fun and see the #3 vs #4 matchup: John McCalaine vs….. (probably Dr. Jones). That could be a fun battle too! Come on… make Wednesday a “2 for 1”!!!!!!

  2. RBBrittain

    I’m up in the air on this one. On raw power, Vader would blow Indy away; but if that were enough Voldemort would have made the final four. OTOH, as I pointed out when he faced Boba Fett, Indy is really Han Solo 😉 ; and just like Voldemort thought a muggle like John McClane was too beneath him to prepare for, so might Vader overlook Indy/Han since he’s neither Jedi nor Sith. One crack of the whip takes away Vader’s lightsaber; another could rip off Vader’s mask and kill him.

      • RBBrittain

        But Han was on the side of the Jedi who won–and won the heart of his sister, also a Jedi. (Yes, I wish Luke or Leia had been one of the SW characters here instead of Vader, Han or especially Boba Fett.) Han didn’t go after Vader himself because he had Luke, who was destined to defeat his father. Combine Han’s knowledge of the Empire with Indy’s tenacity, and anything can happen. 😉

        • Alex

          But Han (Indy) only faced off against Vader one time and it took about 2 seconds for Vader to rip the gun right out of his hands, strap him to table, and electroshock him into “feeling terrible”. Oh yeah, Han/Indy doesn’t stand a chance.

      • I disagree – Luke really didn’t defeat Vader, Vader really defeated himself. Both Anakin’s and Luke’s biggest downfalls were their emotions – otherwise, Luke probably could have defeated Vader way earlier.

        Indy, on the other hand, always keeps a cool head, has that long whip, which means no hand-to-hand combat with a lightsaber, and is quick – he could probably whip that lightsaber out of Vader’s hand, whip his breathing unit off, and slit his throat before Vader even know what happened, all while keeping a cool head.

        That being said, if at any time, Indy looses it and Vader senses his presence, Vader will have the upper hand.

        Its tough, but I voted for Indy. The emotions thing was my biggest voting point.

  3. Pedram

    I don’t see anyone being able to beat Vader in this tournament. In close range the lightsaber would take anyone out, and from afar Vader’s force powers would keep anyone at bay and crush them from a distance (either by the throat or with some huge object).
    And you can’t sneak up on Vader because he’d sense you with the Force (unless he was busy with something else, but in direct fight he’d be concentrating on his opponent).

    Bottom line I don’t think it’s a fair fight for anyone going against Vader, especially a “normal” human being like Indy without any powers.

  4. CK

    Vader definitely.

    During this whole thing, I’ve seen people voting for things like Indy over Wolverine, McClane over Voldemort, Richard Kimble over Blade, etc., but I can’t imagine why anyone would even want to think that those would be possible. To me, what makes the Indiana Jones and Die Hard movies so good is the fact that the characters are fairly down to Earth and in real danger. When Indy is on the outside of a moving truck or McClane walks over broken glass, they actually get hurt and a stray bullet or a mistep could do them in. If Indy can beat Wolverine or Darth Vader, then he’s certainly tough enough to survive a few Nazis, being dragged under a truck, falling off a cliff or being crushed by a boulder, so who cares? Its when Indy survives a nuclear explosion and McClane surfs on a jet plane that people start complaining, but its no wonder they make movies like that if people will actually argue that Indy and McClane could beat the likes of Wolverine and Voldemort. Some characters are too cool to have survived this long.

    … all that can go for Richard Kimble beating Blade as well, but really that one is just too silly to even mention.

  5. I’m guessing Superman was left out of this contest on purpose? It would be nice to see the next one include some famous TV characters…I’d love to see how far people like Jack Bauer or Tony Soprano might have gotten. Of course, it might be fun to do a whole contest with charcaters (movie and TV) that don’t have any powers/abilities at all…of course, John McClane and Indiana Jones did well here for having no supernatural abilities.

    • Aaron Peck

      A TV tournament is in the works. We’re going to take a break from Movie Madness for a bit, but I’m already compiling a list of TV characters.

        • Aaron Peck

          Haven’t finalized the list. I may put up a post asking for reader suggestions on who should be included in the tournament. It’s going to be a little harder to choose 64 worthy opponents for a battle to the death tournament.

          • EM

            Whomever you set against Sesame Street’s Elmo, make sure it’s someone with an especially vicious streak, like Angel’s Angelus persona on Buffy and Angel.

  6. Aaron Peck

    The finals have been set (unless Indy comes through with the biggest miracle ever), and tomorrow we’ll find out the true champion of the Tournament O’ Death!