Posterizing: Sharks, Vampires and Wizards. Oh My!

Another round of Posterizing is on the way. We’ve got a great batch of posters to discuss, dissect, and ogle. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get started.

We have quite a few posters to talk about this week. So many have come out that I have a hard time keeping track of all of them. Still, these are the ones that really caught my attention.

‘Green with Envy’

Greatest marketing move ever? Maybe. That isn’t just hyperbole, either. This looks like a movie you should already know, right? Jason Segel and Amy Adams strolling down an idyllic lane – this is one of those by-the-numbers rom-coms, isn’t it?

How could you have missed the news about this one? Well, you’re not the only one confused by this poster. Disney released a trailer for this movie not too long ago which might help clear up your confusion.

‘Shark Night 3D’

Movie posters that are such obvious cut-and-paste jobs make me giggle a little. Apparently trying to capitalize on the success of ‘Piranha 3D’, ‘Shark Night’ makes no bones about being a glorified B-movie. Like the idea or hate it, you must admit that this poster makes you laugh.

‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn’

The ‘Twilight’ movie series is a moronic laugh-fest of overacting. A bunch of sexually charged adolescents run around glowering at each other as their fangs flare and their bodies turn into werewolves. It’s all just too stupid for words. However, I was surprised by this new minimalist poster that the studio has put out for the latest entry. Mind you, I’d never hang this in my home, but I commend the marketing people for eschewing the usual floating heads ,and going for a more intriguing picture and design.

‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2’

Just for good measure, I’d like to satiate the ‘Harry Potter’ fans out there by giving you a brief fix before the movie comes to theaters in a couple months. Here are the new character posters that have been released so far. They’re pretty standard grimacing close-up shots, but now the three characters (Ron, Harry, and Hermione) look like they’ve been rolling around in the mud. Does that mean this last entry in the ‘Potter’ franchise is going to be dirty? There was a nearly nude scene in ‘Part 1’, so I guess anything’s possible.

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  1. This is an article I can get behind, I love the art of a good Movie poster and really miss the old days when they were actually painted. I love photoshop as much as the next guy, but these days the posts are relegated to pretty much photoshots with special effects added in for good measure.

    I’ll take a good Drew Stuzan poster any day over some of the more modern stuff.

  2. I am soooooo sick and tired with lines shoehorned into films these days, like “Let’s end/do this” (for film trailers wanting to imply a big dramatic denouement) or “Everything’s different now” (For sequel trailers wanting to imply things are more dramatic and impressive). Lines that are out of place when seen in the films themselves.

    Now Harry Potter gets the poster-equivalent!!! Oh dear… “IT ALL ENDS”. Yes, telling us that in big text really makes us suddenly think the film is going to be so much more dramatic and explosive…

    Gone are the days of Drew Struzan posters inspiring wonder and excitement… instead we get desaturated ’emotional’ close-ups… Oooh, Yippy… (No sarcasm at all, honest)

    • EM

      Yes, considering that the principal draw of the Twilight movies apparently is those “sexually charged adolescents”, floating heads (or heads and torsos…) would be more appropriate for this movie’s poster. Such a poster wouldn’t be high art, but high art would fly in the face of truth in advertising.

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