PlayStation’s Welcome Back Offer Is Now Available

PlayStation fans have been through a lot over the last month or two. Fortunately, the security breach is over, the PlayStation Store is back up, and things have returned to normal. To top it off, Sony has introduced a “Welcome Back” package that’s available now to all PlayStation Network members.

Sony is being incredibly generous with free content. The company is offering up some of the most popular games for the PSP and PS3, as well as some free time with PlayStation Plus, free virtual items, and even free movie rentals. (The movies are ‘Ghostbusters’, ‘Bad Boys’ and, if you really want to watch it, ‘Final Fantasy: Spirits Within’.)

PS3 owners get to choose two free games to download from a list of five: ‘Infamous’, ‘Super Stardust HD’, ‘Wipeout HD’, LittleBigPlanet’ and ‘Dead Nation’. The standouts here are ‘Infamous’ and ‘LittleBigPlanet’, though if you already own one of those, ‘Wipeout HD’ is a good way to go as well. Whatever games you go for, simply log into the PlayStation Store on your PS3 and select the “Welcome Back” section.

PSP owners also get two games for Sony’s portable system. ‘LittleBigPlanet PSP’ and ‘ModNation Racers PSP’ are fine choices. ‘Killzone Liberation’ is a decent choice as well. While ‘Pursuit Force’ received fair review scores back in 2006, it might be a little too dated now for some. PSP users can start the downloads through the PlayStation Store on the PSP, PS3 or Media Go PC application.

Since the program just launched, expect downloads to go slowly. Downloading ‘LittleBigPlanet PSP’ took me upwards of two hours, and that’s just 1.3GB. Expect PS3 titles like ‘Infamous’ to take even longer.

One annoyance for those like me without functional PS3s is that there doesn’t seem to be a way to redeem the free PS3 games without accessing the PlayStation Store through a PS3 console.

You have 30 days to claim your free games before they expire, so make sure you get on it fast. Don’t stress too hard about which games you pick, especially on the PS3 where they’re all gold. If you run into any issues – and you might – then swing on over to Sony’s “Welcome Back” web site, which details fixes for some of the more common problems that might occur.


    • TJ Kats

      Don’t know for sure but I think Wipeout HD is 3D. The downloads should be the full game so all features should be included.

  1. that1guypictures

    Super Stardust HD is a game that was designed to be played in 3D. It’s awesome and very addicting. Wipeout is also 3D.

  2. I already have Little Big Planet. I downloaded Infamous, Wipeout, and Sonic 2 as well as a ton of themes. As for the movies, I have Final Fantasy and Ghostbusters on Blu-Ray and have no desire to see Bad Boys.

    Truthfully, if I download anything of any considerable size, I just let them download overnight, and tell the PS3 to turn off after download. If I do that, it also installs the games for me. Woke up the next day, and all my games were ready to be played.

  3. You actually get your pick of TWO of the five games. It’s a nice offer, but since I primarly have used the Playsation Network for movie downloads, I wish they would have offered more variety there (store credit would have been a more welcome offer, I think).

  4. Dick Ward

    You know, I’m starting to wonder if they timed this to line up with E3 on purpose. Not a bad way to go into the event!

  5. Lahrs

    I picked Wipeout HD and inFamous since I already have LBP. Wipeout downloaded fine and is even better than I remember on the original PS. I know Wipeout HD is based off of the PSP version, but I mean the series in general.

    inFamous is currently in limbo with the congested servers and constant error messages. I was able to successfully select the game so I am guessing it is no longer subjected to the 30 day time limit and I can download it anytime in the future.

  6. Grabbed inFamous and LBP, never played LBP and its really good stuff, inFamous I’ve already played and loved, so getting the game back for free AND the sequel coming out tomorrow is double win 🙂

    inFamous is a must play on the PS3, if you havent played it, its one of the best action/platformers out there

  7. I downloaded LBP today. Probably set my PS3 to download inFamous while I’m sleeping tonight. This is the best thing that’s ever happened with my Playstation 3, since I hardly ever buy games.

  8. Brian

    Can you download psp games and keep them until you get a psp if you don’t have one now?

    • I am pretty sure you can download PSP games to the PS3. I have actually done it a couple of times without realizing it. I would assume that, because you ahve already “purchased” said game, you could then download to the PSP at any time, even if you delete it from the PS3, as you can delete PS3 purchased items and redownload later. I am, of course, speculating,

  9. So far (and I’ve tried a few times), I haven’t been able to see the “Welcome back” option/button on my PSP’s store. I wonder if it has anything to do with a localized (i.e. Belgian) version. I sure hope to download my two games free of charge before the 30 day limit expires.

  10. I downloaded Super Stardust last night. Wow, this is the most beautiful-looking videogame I’ve ever played, and it’s just astounding in 3D.

    Not sure what to do with my other free pick. I’m inclined to go for Wipeout because it’s the only other 3D title. However, I’m not necessarily tied to needing another 3D game, and both InFamous and Little Big Planet sound interesting. Any suggestions?

  11. Depends on what you like, if you like action games, Infamous is one of the best on the system, its from the guys who did Sly Cooper so it mixes great platforming with an excellent scifi story, good acting and lots of action, the sequel got rated just as good if not better than the first

    LBP is a really fun platformer with tons of customization, you can download tons of user created content and even make your own, its really good as well….so whatever you are inclined to the most, its a tough decision 🙂