‘Community’ Season 2 Recap – From the Horse’s Mouth

The TV season may have just ended, but are you missing ‘Community’ already? I sure am. While we wait the next few painful months for Season 3 to begin, you can get a ‘Community’ fix right now by heading over to The A.V. Club and reading that site’s massive 4-part interview with series creator Dan Harmon. Trust me; it’s a great read.

What started as a simple interview somehow blossomed into an epic episode-by-episode breakdown of the show’s entire second season. Harmon goes into great depth about his original plans for the season, how those plans changed as the episodes developed, and where specific ideas came from. He’s also incredibly frank about which episodes he thinks worked, which he thinks didn’t, which episodes were slapped together, and which episodes the audience loved that he secretly doesn’t like at all (such as the episode with Annie’s anti-drug play).

The whole interview is so long that The A.V. Club had to break it into four parts, which have been running this week.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

It’s good stuff. Give this a read. If you start now, you might just be done by the time the next season starts!

[via Wilnervision]

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  1. Success! I started reading this this morning before work, at off times during work, when I got home, through several phone calls and interruptions, and finally now just finished it. That really is an amazing interview, much more candid than you would expect. I already felt that this was the best show on television currently, but I feel even more strongly about it now.

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