Holiday Greetings and Schedule Announcement

For obvious reasons, the blog will be closed on Christmas Day this week. I haven’t decided yet whether we’ll be back on Thursday and Friday or will take an extra long break. A lot of that depends on factors outside my control, re: imminent childbirth. In any case, all of us here at High-Def Digest hope that you and yours have a very Merry Christmas! [Update: Still waiting on the baby front, but the blog will definitely be closed on Thursday. Friday will depend on whether we have anything worth publishing that day.]


  1. Freakyguy666

    How about publishing reviews of The Millers or This is the End…2 extremely popular recent blu rays that are still unreviewed on this site.

  2. Our reviews are often at the mercy of the screeners we’re provided by the studios, although many also come from our own personal collections (all my Doctor Who reviews, for one – since we never get BBC screeners here at HDD). So if you don’t see something recent here, it’s a good bet we never got an advance copy.

  3. Timcharger

    Josh, get those double tax deductions out before the end of the year! Every dollar helps when raising kids. Mrs. Z, push!

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