How Will I Get Any Work Done Ever Again?

OK, so this doesn’t have a lot to do with home theater, per se. I’m justifying it because “gaming” is allegedly a topic we’ll be covering here, and this is too freakin’ cool not to post. Some wonderful genius has recreated the entirety of the original NES ‘Super Mario Bros.’, but programmed it to be playable with a variety of other NES characters – characters like Link, Simon Belmont, Samus from ‘Metroid’, and even Mega Man. Pardon my Caprican, but FRACK. AND. YES!!!

I am a child of the NES generation. In fact, I still have my original NES connected in my home theater room. The graphics don’t upconvert to high definition very well, unfortunately. Even so, I’d still rather play those games than the latest whiz-bang First Person Shooter for the PS3. The old games are just more pure fun for me. And of old NES games, Mega Man was by far my favorite. The chance to play him in a completely different NES classic… Yeah, you’ll have to excuse me for a few days. I’m not getting anything else done.

[via Topless Robot]


  1. I spent about an hour with this yesterday. It’s just plain dangerous. I had to force myself away so I could get some work done.

    Admittedly, after I finished my work I went back to playing this. Simon’s my favorite. He’s slow, but the double jump feels so cool 🙂

  2. Jonathan Doan

    Genius idea!! My favorite character/game from the ol’ NES is Samus Aran/Metroid. Love the chance to use her character in the game!

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