Videogame Releases: Week of October 17th, 2010

Mid-October turns out to be a huge week for videogames, with plenty of sequels, reimaginings, and EA’s entry into Mixed Martial Arts. There’s also ‘Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts,’ which is fine for hunting enthusiasts. As a sci-fi and fantasy fan, I’ve still got my fingers crossed that Cabela will create ‘Fantasy Hunts’ and let me shoot dragons, chupacabras and unicorns.

Fallout: New Vegas (360, PC, PS3)

It’s been a strange path to get there, but ‘Fallout’ is back in the hands of the company that spawned it. Obsidian Entertainment (formerly Black Isle Studios) developed this game for publisher Bethesda. This is just plain exciting.

There are a few big changes from ‘Fallout 3’ – including the use of special attacks for certain weapons, a weapon modification system, and the ability to iron sight aim. If you’re the type that craves realism and sports masochistic tendencies, you can also turn on the Hardcore mode which forces you to eat and drink, heal slowly, and take more realistic damage from attacks.

Vanquish (360, PS3)

I have no idea why ‘Vanquish’ hasn’t been on my radar until today. I blame the glut of big budget games and new peripherals hitting in the next few weeks. This game was made by Platinum Games, who delivered ‘Mad World’ and ‘Bayonetta.’ It was also directed by Shinji Mikami of ‘Resident Evil’ fame.

‘Vanquish’ has all the speed and style of ‘Bayonetta,’ but with over-the-shoulder shooter gameplay. It looks a lot like ‘Gears of War’ meets ‘Devil May Cry,’ and absolutely begs to be played. Early reviews are positive to, so this is definitely one worth checking out.

Kirby’s Epic Yarn (Wii)

After going hands-on with Nintendo’s fall lineup a few weeks back, I had no choice but to buy a Wii. The two games that sold me on a system that I thought I’d never buy were ‘Donkey Kong Country Returns’ and ‘Kirby’s Epic Yarn.’ If you’re a Wii owner, this is a must have.

On the downside, according to Amazon, ‘Kirby’s Epic Yarn’ is a choking hazard So be sure to keep it out of your mouth.

EA Sports MMA (360, PS3)

MMA fans have plenty of reason to celebrate here. For starters, this is a new contender into the MMA game realm, and competition breeds excellence. Putting EA in the ring against THQ is going to be great for fans eager to get the best Mixed Martial Arts game around.

It’s also incredibly cool if you’re a fan of non-UFC fighters like Fedor Emelianenko (I don’t watch MMA, but my cousin loves this guy) or international stars like Shinya Aoki.

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