Videogame Releases: Week of December 29th, 2013

Videogame Releases: Week of December 29th, 2013

We’re so close to 2014 that no one bothered to make any new videogames to close out the old year. However, while 2013 concludes, the year of Luigi continues to bear fruit.

Dr. Luigi (eShop for Wii U)

Ah, Nintendo… Just when you think the company might announce a huge game to help fill out its 2014 lineup, instead it gives us ‘Dr. Luigi’ and ‘NES Remix’ – both rehashes of past classics. That said, ‘Dr Luigi’, with its multiplayer crazy rules, has one thing going for it. Years ago, I was looking over a list of the most overt bootleg versions of famous videogames, and the one that really caught my eye was called ‘Mr. Mario’.

NES Remix (eShop for Wii U)

Ok, so this was a surprise release some two weeks ago, but it seems appropriate to put it here alongside ‘Dr. Luigi’. What’s crazy is how somebody at Nintendo (likely ranked below the person responsible for delaying ‘Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze’) caught onto the popular internet popular theme of remixing old 8-bit Nintendo games with different characters and challenges.

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