Videogame Releases: Week of August 25th, 2013

Videogame Releases: Week of August 25th, 2013

A promising cult classic and the first enjoyable bits of pro football lead this week’s dynamic set of videogame releases.

NOTE: A few notable releases surfacing this week were available previously, including the retail version of ‘New Super Luigi U‘, the PC port of one this generation’s most disappointing games (‘Castlevania: Lord of the Shadows‘), and the PSN version of ‘Spelunky’.

Killer Is Dead (360, PS3)

Killer Is Dead‘ is the latest from Suda51 and Grasshopper Manufacture, and has a far more intriguing premise than the inane ‘Lollipop Chainsaw’. As Mondo Zappa, players will spend time carrying out assassination assignments or optional gigolo work to net upgrades. The game’s stylized presentation and less realistic story make is seem primed to become a cult classic, which may explain some of the less-than-stellar early reception.

Madden NFL 25 (360, PS3)

Yes, for some odd reason, EA has decided that that instead of ‘Madden 14’, that ‘Madden NFL 25‘ would be a more fitting title for the series’ 25th anniversary. Unfortunately, this is an off year for Madden. A new generation of consoles also demands that time be spent making a next-gen port.

Lost Planet 3 (360, PS3, PC)

Could the third time be the charm for the troubled third-person actioner? The expectation seems to be that by switching up developers and making ‘Lost Planet 3‘ a prequel to the first ‘Lost Planet’, an early 360 title, players will again be intrigued by running, jumping and occasionally mech-driving through the frozen tundra of E.D.N. III. Hopefully, this more cinematic ‘Lost Planet’ is worth the new direction.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows (XBLA,PC)

I was pretty excited when this game was announced, but since that time, Activision and developer Red Fly have shared very little information about it. Nevertheless, ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows’ is a downloadable, fully 3D ‘TMNT’ game. Despite being based on the latest cartoon incarnation, the Turtles look a lot like their classic counterparts for the first time in forever. That makes it easy to recommend that any ‘TMNT’ fan grab the demo. A PSN version is due in about a month.

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