The Trailer Park: Riddick, There’s Nothing More to Say

These last few days have brought trailers for the latest drama from the Coen brothers and another intriguing sci-fi film. Most exciting is a look at the third installment in the Riddick Chronicles.

‘Inside Llewyn Davis’

Recently premiering at this year’s Cannes Festival, the latest film from Joel and Ethan Coen doesn’t exactly have the best or strongest trailer around. But given the quality of the brothers’ work, I can’t imagine the final cut could be all that terrible. The plot, which is a faux-biopic of a struggling musician set in New York’s music scene during the 1960s, also doesn’t interest me since I don’t particularly care for the genre. Still, it’s the Coens, and I’m sure their unique style and humor will lead to greatness. Oh, and Carey Mulligan stars, so I’m there.

‘Europa Report’

The star of ‘District 9’ teams with the star of the original ‘Dragon Tattoo’ series for a sci-fi thriller from a Latin American filmmaker making his English-speaking debut. From the looks of the trailer, the movie seems like a standard horror flick with typical spooks, scares and creepy noises. It has a dull ‘Apollo 18’ feel to it, but given the cast and the director, I’m willing to give a chance when it hits Blu-ray.


The preview looks and feels pretty generic, but I like the Riddick stories, which means I’ll watch this third installment no matter what. The one thing that worries me, however, is that the plot comes off as a retread of ‘Pitch Black.’ Along with Diesel reprising the role that brought him A-list status, David Twohy returns as writer and director. We can only hope that means they won’t screw up the series. Either way, I hope to enjoy it.

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  1. NJScorpio

    Normally, I see pre-orders up on Amazon for films that haven’t hit theaters yet, and I think “Who does that?”

    But, I would pre-order a Riddick trilogy box set today. Right now.

  2. I’m torn on Riddick, even though I’ll definitely go see it. I enjoyed Pitch Black, but I thought Chronicles was great. It was a fantastic effort at a weird and wonderful epic science fiction film, the likes of which we hadn’t seen for a long time. Unfortunately a lot of people don’t go for that kind of science fiction, as it takes people out of their comfort zones.

    So for this film to be taking a step back to being more ‘Pitch Black’ is a bit disappointing. I know that audiences all clamoured and complained about Chronicles not being Pitch Black again, but I admired Twohy for not doing the same thing again, and instead expanding the character with an epic story. I hope this carries on nicely from Chronicles story-wise, and doesn’t feel too “We wanted to make it but couldn’t afford to do it properly”.

    • NJScorpio

      I loved Chronicles of Riddick, not just for it’s crazy epic scale, but it’s juxtaposition to the very sparse Pitch Black.

      The rumors I had heard over the years was that the third Riddick was supposed to be even BIGGER and MORE EPIC. Exciting stuff. But really, what would have to be in Riddick 3 for it to have the same jump in scale from 1 to 2?

      It could be like the Die Hard movies getting too over the top for it’s own good (yet Riddick could do all the things McClane shouldn’t be able to do).

      So I do like the idea of things scaling down for the third, like matching bookends. I’m sure the story will still touch upon Riddick’s personal story (so the epicness of his being won’t be ignored).

      If the story is isolated to just one planet, I hope that we get to see more setting variety than in Pitch Black. If it is the exact same planet, I do like the idea very much that Riddick went to hide out there from being hunted, and that the enemies in the first are now basically his guard dogs.

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