The Trailer Park: Finally, Something Funny!

Once again with the comedy! But wait! These next two trailers actually look funny and could very likely deliver the laughs. At least, I can see myself enjoying them, probably one more than the other.

‘Casa de Mi Padre’

Considering the very long list of bad movies he continues to participate in, Will Ferrell is bound to make at least one good comedy every now and then. His latest looks to be the one good movie for the rest of the year. I wasn’t exactly busting at the seams laughing at this trailer, but I had a big smile from beginning to end. With a growing interest in exploitation films, albeit often with a comedy angle and a sense of adulation, Ferrell tries to recreate his own version of Mexploitation cinema – something akin to Robert Rodriguez’s ‘Mariachi’ trilogy, only funnier. (Sorry, but ‘Machete’ doesn’t exactly count.) It looks funny, but then again, I do have a penchant for this sort of stuff.

‘Moonrise Kingdom’

Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola reunite for another quirky comedy with an all-star cast. There’s very little that can be said about this trailer because, like most of Anderson’s other films, ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ appears highly eccentric and unusual. I’ve been a fan of Anderson since ‘Bottle Rocket’ and haven’t been disappointed yet by any of his movies (although I must say that ‘The Life Aquatic’ is probably his weakest, which is saying a great deal since it’s still quite good.) I’m getting a kick out of seeing Edward Norton and Bruce Willis share some screen-time, and in an Anderson comedy, no less. So, basically, I’m delighted by the preview and can’t wait to see the movie in May.

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  1. i always thought the darjeeling limited was anderson’s weakest movie. I actually like the life aquatic a lot. Willem Defoe and Bill Murray together are amazing, plus i have a serious david bowie weakness. I own all his movies, so it’s not like i DISlike any of them, i just didn’t dig on darjeeling as much.

    rushmore > Royal Tenenbaums > life aquatic = bottle rocket > fantastic mr fox > darjeeling

    just my opinion.

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