‘Chuck’ 5.10 Recap: “You’re No Longer a Perfect 10”

While ‘Chuck’ is certainly no stranger to being meta, the show turned almost bizarrely so this past Friday with a guest appearance from former ‘10‘ star and 1970s poster pin-up girl Bo Derek… playing herself… as a spy. The strangest part of all this: We’re supposed to believe that Bo Derek is still a sex symbol that anyone in the audience would care about or be impressed by.

In ‘Chuck vs. Bo’, Morgan’s lost phone is returned to him, containing a video message from himself that he doesn’t remember recording. It seems that there are gaps in his memory from the period where he had the Intersect in his head. The message reveals the existence of another set of Intersect glasses that he had to hide from some baddies. Unfortunately, he doesn’t remember where he hid them.

In ‘Hangover’ fashion, Morgan, Chuck and Sarah retrace Morgan’s steps during his lost weekend at a Vail ski lodge. Morgan frosts his tips and acts like a douchebag again in order to meet up with a contact called “B” who’d texted his phone. “B” turns out to be Bo Derek, who claims that she and Morgan had a weekend of wild sexcapades that she wants to relive. Despite being photographed almost exclusively in extreme soft focus, Derek looks like exactly what she is – a woman pushing 60 who’s had a lot of work done in order to pretend that she’s still 20. She’s not fooling anyone. The idea that she could still be a fantasy object for men of Chuck or Morgan’s age is too much disbelief for me to suspend.

Anyway, it doesn’t take long for the revelation that Bo Derek is really a spy working for a villain named Nicholas Quinn (Angus McFadyen), a former CIA agent who was intended to be implanted with the original Intersect, until Bryce Larkin stole it and gave it to Chuck. Now he’s evil and wants what’s coming to him.

Morgan remembers that he hid the Intersect glasses at the Vail Buy More. Quinn trails the team there and starts a pretty impressive shoot-out in the middle of the store. He captures Chuck. Low on ammo, Sarah and Casey look doomed, until Sarah puts on the glasses and gets Intersected, at which point she launches into a bunch of super kung-fu moves that… honestly don’t seem all that much different than the ‘Matrix’-y stunts she pulled just a couple episodes ago. In any case, she routs the bad guys, and Quinn runs away.

This may seem like a pretty good victory, except that Sarah and Chuck had been planning to quit spying and turn Carmichael Industries into a cyber-security firm. But now, of course, being the Intersect will throw those plans to the wayside.

This side story this week addresses what happened to Jeff and Lester after they discovered Castle. Casey dosed them with some sort of knockout gas that erases short-term memory, and left them on the outskirts of Vegas, staging the scene to look like they’d had a wild drunken weekend and crashed a car. The two bozos see through the ruse, and have their own ‘Hangover’ experience as they try to piece together what really happened. Casey has to dose them again and repeat the cycle two full times before they finally give up.

I liked this episode well enough. I think that the previous week’s episode was better, but the show is still on an upswing. I’m interested to see what becomes of Sarah as the Intersect, and Quinn will make a decent recurring villain when he inevitably returns before the series finale.

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