The Trailer Park: Full of Laughter and Tears

A trio of legendary performers demonstrate they still have what it takes to make moviegoers laugh and cry. Now in their golden years, Al Pacino, Meryl Streep and Robert De Niro promise to make this a heartfelt summer to remember.


Even in his worst films, Al Pacino has always been a powerhouse actor, a man who possesses an amazing screen presence that refuses to be ignored. In what promises to be a heart-rending drama from David Gordon Green (‘Prince Avalanche’ and the grossly underrated ‘Joe’), the legendary performer looks to be at the top of his game with the tale of a widower unsuccessfully piecing his life back together. By the looks of the preview, the story could be a predictable melodrama, but with Pacino and Green working together, I remain hopeful. However, I’ll likely wait for the Blu-ray.

‘Ricki and the Flash’

I have little love for the works of Diablo Cody. Although ‘Juno’ was a nice surprise, followed by the awkwardly funny ‘Young Adult,’ the former stripper-turned-screenwriter has yet to truly persuade me of her storytelling talents. The trailer to her latest dramedy only furthers my lukewarm opinion. The story of an aging rocker having a midlife epiphany seems mawkishly forced and overly sentimental. Of course, that could be the fault of the trailer, not the movie. Still, the only thing creating the least interest is the always amazing Meryl Streep. Seeing Cody’s name along with Jonathan Demme earns a halfhearted response from me. Honestly, I’m not even sure I really want to watch this at all.

‘The Intern’

Of these three trailers, this Nancy Meyers dramedy has sparked my interest the most, especially a couple of funny bits with Robert De Niro very early on. Anne Hathaway’s character seems a bit stereotypical – the familiar lost lamb in need of guidance and wisdom from someone more experienced – but Hathaway’s radiant smile is sure to win audiences over. I’m almost tempted to pay regular admission for this. At the very least, I’ll give it a watch when available on home video.

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  1. Trond Michelsen

    What? No trailer for “We Are Your Friends”? I still haven’t picked up my jaw from the floor. It looks spectacularly mindnumbingly stupid.

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