The Trailer Park: Attack of the Teaser

In this week’s trailers, we get a few glimpses of movies to expect next year. One is another installment of our favorite smart-mouthed NYPD cop, while the other is a remake of a classic radio and TV franchise.

‘A Good Day to Die Hard’

Or you can just call it ‘Die Hard 5’. Either way works. What’s important is that this is another wild action adventure with our favorite blue-collar hero, John McClane. We don’t see much in this short teaser, but the premise places McClane’s one-liner shenanigans in Russia with his son at his side. The daughter had a turn in the last entry, so why shouldn’t the other child, right? Anyhow, it looks like fun. I especially like that the music and mood are reminiscent of McClane’s earlier years. This’ll be a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

‘The Lone Ranger’

From the looks of this teaser, this remake of the classic serial doesn’t really seem like typical Disney fare. Personally, I like what Gore Verbinski did with the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ franchise, and I have hopes for this one. I’m not sure about Johnny Depp in the role of Tonto, but the actor has surprised on numerous occasions. He might actually be terrific once again. But in the role John Reid is… Armie Hammer? Who the hell is that? After listening to the narration of Tom Wilkinson and seeing the face of Helena Bonham Carter, the actor playing the title characters is not very impressive. We’ll have to wait and see what the longer previews look like.

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  1. Alex

    So I have to wonder if they picked McClane’s snarky one-liner solely because of the 50th Anniversary of James Bond and the release of Skyfall.

    Doesn’t really matter. It still made me laugh. πŸ™‚

  2. Armie Hammer…The Winklevoss twins in Social Network? Leonardo’s “boyfriend” in J. Edgar? The Prince in Mirror, Mirror? Forgetting that last one, he’s not too bad of an actor.

    • M. Enois Duarte

      Yeah, I’m familiar with the work he’s done so far, but I’m implying Hammer has yet to do anything laudable or standout. At least, nothing that would warrant a starring role as a major, well-known characters such as Lone Ranger.

      It’s possible he’ll do an excellent job, but being relatively unknown as he is, I wonder if he’s capable or enough to be a box-office draw. The same mistake was made with Taylor Kitsch, starring in two major productions, and look how both of those turned out.

      • Haha. :). I understood what you were implying. At the same time I just think with the names Depp, Carter, and Verbinski it wouldn’t matter if this was his First role. Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley weren’t exactly the biggest actors before the first Pirates (Outside of LOTR, SW:Episode 1, and Black Hawk Down) and it didn’t really affect the movie at all. Just an opinion. Still can’t believe you had No Idea who Hammer was. πŸ˜‰

        • M. Enois Duarte

          Can’t always keep track of the many actors working today, let alone the rising stars. But you make a valid point about Bloom and Knightley, though wouldn’t we consider them secondary roles to Depp and Geoffrey Rush?

          • I would say Yes to Knightley as a secondary role. However, with Bloom, I think the argument could be made that We as the Audience turned Depp into the God Pirate he’s become. Story wise,for the First film, I would say Will Turner was the primary character, and Depp the comedic relief. But, you too, are making a valid point. πŸ™‚ Also, I think in this paragraph, I used more commas than characters. D@mmit.

          • Also wanted to add: I Seriously doubt Gore will have Depp as a side character. Technically he may be playing the role of a sidekick, but I would be pretty surprised, with the fan base he’s accumulated, if Tonto didn’t get an equal amount of screen time. In the last few years, how many films featuring Johnny, had him playing a secondary role. A Tonto origin story spin off is probably in the future…

    • Yeah, Professor, I’m surprised you don’t know Armie (Stop!) Hammertime! He’s very good in both “The Social Network” and “J. Edgar”!

      • OK, I obviously wrote this before seeing Mr. Duarte’s response (in fact, judging by the time difference, I wrote it at the same time as he was answering).

        Two things after seeing the teaser:

        a) funny they should announce Gore Verbinski as “Academy Award Winner”. Yes, he is. For an animated movie! As a live action director, he’s still hit or miss.

        b) Johnny Depp gets super top billing. Before everyone else, even the director. His billing is so top, it’s even on a different frame. The screen has to change before we see any other names. Talk about pushing his name.

        • M. Enois Duarte

          HA. And I agree with your Depp comment. The preview is strongly promoting Depp even though he plays the sidekick.

  3. Here’s my guess about THE LONE RANGER…I think we’ll find out that Depp actually IS The Lone Ranger, but undercover as Tonto for some reason. Then, at the end of the first movie, we’ll see him in the mask. Just a theory….