The Trailer Park: Jason Bourne in Outer Space!

There’s really no pattern or theme to this week’s selection of trailers, except that they all look like pretty decent and fun movies to enjoy this summer. First, we have another remake of a cult horror favorite that devoted fans will argue is completely unnecessary. Then, James Franco and Seth Rogen reunite for another stoner comedy, while Matt Damon faces off against Jodie Foster for the future of humankind.

‘Carrie’ (2013)

I was very uncertain and skeptical at first, not only of a studio remaking the already-excellent Brian De Palma film, but also of seeing Chloë Grace Moretz in the title role. That isn’t because she’s a bad actress (her performance in ‘Let Me In‘ definitely proves that she’s more than capable of doing a horror feature), but because the young actress is pretty far from homely or average, which is exactly what the Carrie character is supposed to be. However, after watching this full trailer and getting a better idea of her performance, I feel somewhat confident that this remake might actually turn out to be pretty good. I’ll watch it for sure.

‘This Is the End’

I must be losing my mind because this trailer has me in stitches, and I really, really hope the movie lives up to it. I love the concept of seeing these actors poke fun at their own images by playing themselves caught up in a real-life disaster. The thought that these guys would probably wimp out and act like total pussies if the world were truly coming to an end is utterly hilarious. I’ve watched the censored version of this trailer, and it’s just not as funny. So, here is the NSFW Red Band trailer for your pleasure.


Here’s a very intense trailer for what feels like a very intense sci-fi actioner. For a while now, I’ve been reading about this upcoming feature from Neill Blomkamp, director of the fantastic ‘District 9‘, and finally seeing it in action has me very excited. The movie seems like another spectacle of CG-magic and creative photography, but the politically-charged concept surrounding issues of immigration and social justice look highly promising and engaging. Of this summer’s line-up of blockbuster flicks, this is probably my most anticipated film.

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  1. The editor of the Carrie trailer really doesn’t have much concern for plot spoilers, I guess. The trailer plays like: “Hey, do you remember this scene in the old movie? We’re doing that same thing again!” I fail to see the point of it.

    This Is the End looked amusing until Danny McBride turned up. Advertising “From the writers of Pineapple Express” is also not a selling point in my mind.

    I don’t know about Elysium yet. The trailer doesn’t do much for me. I liked District 9, but this seems like too much of a retread, and Blomkamp’s videogame influences (Mass Effect, Half-Life, etc.) are even more heavy-handed. It feels like he’s still auditioning for that Halo movie he wants to make. Honestly, I think the trailers for Oblivion look better.

    • Trailers are just two minutes of spoilers now. The ‘Iron Man 3’ trailers are outright disgusting in how much crap they give away.

      The best trailers are usually for foreign movies. A great song, a few images pieced together, and limited dialogue.

      • Then Ill tell you what i tell my friend who complains of the same thing.


        Except when you are at the theater, trailers are pretty much voluntary, especially on the web.

    • Well, personally, I like the trailer, but you’re right, it does give the impression of a first-person shooter. And to be fair, ‘District 9’ wasn’t exactly subtle either, and I don’t have the feeling this will be any worse. At least, it wasn’t as heavy-handed, in your face and blatant as ‘Prometheus’ (never allowing the audience a moment to think for themselves!) and hopefully, ‘Elysium’ won’t be either.

      • First person shooters are becoming more movie like, not the other way around. Its kind of ironic that we want videogames to have better graphics and sound. And the minute they we do we start putting down movies because they remind us of video games.

        If the movie has as much unique action and dark comedy in it as District 9 Ill be happy, hell if its half as good as d9, it will be better than alot of crap hollywood puts out.

  2. JM

    Elysium – A US marine is forced to do Short Circuit cosplay to steal a tanning bed from the Mass Effect film set in order to get immigration reform to pass the House.

    $90 million budget, Hard R.

  3. This is the End looks fantastic, hilarious stuff, I love all of those guys and just about anything McBride or Rogen has done, cant wait for that one 🙂

    Elysium for sure, District 9 was awesome and I live for Scifi like this, dont think it will disappoint

    Carrie could be good, Chloe is awesome and she will make the role if anything else

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