Super 8 Contest Results!

Welcome back, everybody! We hope that you had a nice Thanksgiving holiday weekend. While we all may be a little saddened at having to go back to work today, let’s try to start off the week on a good note by giving away that Blu-ray copy of ‘Super 8’ that we promised last week. Want to find out who won? Read on after the break!

As explained in the original contest post, ‘Super 8′ is director J.J. Abrams’ homage to his idol, Steven Spielberg, The story concerns an alien monster that terrorizes a small American town. The monster was nicknamed “Cooper” during production, but is never actually given a name in the movie itself. To win a copy of the Blu-ray, all you had to do was come up with a funny or clever name for the monster. You guys really came through with this. We received a lot of great entries. Here are some of my favorites:

Honorable Mentions

Shayne delivered a devastating blow of hilarity early with this one:

Sarah Jessica Parker

Ouch! Mrs. Z will probably give me crap for picking this as an Honorable Mention, but I’ll be damned if it isn’t funny as hell.

Shayne later came back with this great one too:

TEAL – Train-Encased Alien Lifeform.

Jared wrote:

How about “Shy” Hulud?

A ‘Dune’ reference! Jared knows me too well!

Eric H. wrote:


Allen the alien. I like it.

Fernando wrote:

My choice is OchoCinco!

Stephen N. gave us these two:

The artist formally known as Cloverfield.

Cooper 8.

Ron wrote:

Anderson Cooper

Joe C. wrote:

Every 21st Century Alien Ever

So true. So true…

Daniel O. wrote:

George Lucas

While this is funny, the real George Lucas is a much more grotesque and deplorable monster than anything you’ll see in this movie.

Chad wrote:


That really sums up the movie’s intentions perfectly, doesn’t it?

The Winner!

Sadly, we only have one copy of ‘Super 8’ to give away. When judging these caption contests, I have to go with my gut and pick the entries that made me laugh the hardest. This time around, that distinction goes to EM for these two gems:

Hmm, let’s see: The monster…
• has a Star Trek captain connection
• is a space case (regardless of above)
• is larger than life
• is a menace consuming the people around him
• seems to even chew up the scenery

How about calling it William Shatner?


ALF (Alien with Lens Flares)

The lens flare one kills me.

Congratulations to EM for winning ‘Super 8’ on Blu-ray! Thanks to our friends at Dolby Labs for supplying the prize for this contest, and thanks to everyone who participated. If you didn’t win this one, stick around for a couple hours and we’ll have another great giveaway for you shortly.


  1. EM


    Thanks, Josh, and thanks to Dolby Labs. And thanks to the other contestants―I had a lot of fun reading the other entries, too.

    • I love the lense flare refrence. I don’t think there was a shot in that movie that didn’t have one. I cracked up that the movie ends with a fade to black where all that is left on the screen was a lense flare. It was like Abrams trying to make fun of himself.

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