Another Contest! Win ‘Tucker and Dale vs. Evil’ on Blu-ray!

Yes, the Blu-ray giveaways just keep on coming. We sure love giving away free movies to our readers! This week, we have a copy of the cult horror comedy ‘Tucker and Dale vs. Evil’ that could very easily be yours for the taking. All you have to do is enter our contest. Read on to find out how to win.

In ‘Tucker and Dale vs. Evil‘, Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine play a pair of goofball rednecks who get mistaken for backwoods serial killers. The more they try to rectify the situation, the more dumb teenagers wind up dead around them. Here’s the very gory red band trailer to give you a taste of the hijinks in store:

Although the movie didn’t get much of a theatrical release from its distributor, it drew rave reviews on the festival circuit. Now you can win a free copy of the Blu-ray. All you have to do is come up with a funny or clever caption for the following image:

For example: “Don’t worry, sweetie. I’m sure that will come out with a little seltzer water.”

It’s that easy. The winner will be chosen at our own subjective discretion based on whichever response we enjoy the most.

Entries are limited to 10 captions per person. That should give you plenty of opportunity to craft a good submission, but will also help us to avoid any potential appearance of awarding prizes based on volume rather than quality.

This contest is only open to entrants from the domestic United States. We will not ship internationally (whether you’re a U.S. citizen or not). Employees of High-Def Digest or Internet Brands and their families are not eligible. Standard contest rules and conditions apply. People who have won any of our previous contests within the past one year are also not eligible to win, but may get Honorable Mentions.

The deadline for entry is this Friday, December 2nd. The winner will be announced next week. Good luck, everyone!


    • Sam Calvin

      Video Purist Loses Her Cool Over Excessive DNR

      “So THAT’s the difference between active and passive 3D!”

      Never Swing at a Pinata Labeled ‘Heinz 57′

      CARRIE 2: SORORITY GIRL cleans up at box office


      George Lucas Rips Off Bimbo’s Scream for Obi Wan

      Talentless Hack Meets Talented Hacksaw

      RAMBO: EIGHTH BLOOD sure to upset some female moviegoers

      TWILIGHT producers yield to fans’ demand for ‘more gore’

      Apple’s new iMicrowave fails crucial test

  1. Brandon Erwin

    Still from Paul Anderson’s “Resident Evil:Beautification” showcasing new (even more brain-dead) “Blonde Zombie Clone.”

  2. Brandon Erwin

    The moment when a blonde realizes she forgot her over sized sunglasses.

    Paris Hilton’s new Vampire movie seems to be in production. “Blonde Toothless Vampire-Duh” should arrive in theaters sometime next Fall.

  3. OMG!! That PETA activist actually thinks this pink handbag is REAL leather!!

    OMG!! That girl who’s getting her limbs hacked off actually wore white AFTER labor day!!

    OMG!! You should totally fire your interior decorator!!

    OMG!! Justin Bieber is actually a demon who has a hunger for young girl flesh!!

    OMG!! Kim Kardashian just exploded because someone said she was ugly!!

  4. Joe Campbell

    I know SPY KIDS 4 had the scratch-N-Sniff cards, but TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE 3D is taking the theatrical experience to ridiculous levels!

    Yet another side effect from watching the birth scene from BREAKING DAWN PART 1.

    Goldilocks learns that you don’t f**k with the three bears.

    PETA fights back.

    A blonde applies lipstick.

    Instructions for the perfect break-up:
    1.) Kill a rabbit.
    2.) Pour rabbit’s blood all over self.
    3.) Rip open shirt and apply healthy dose of rabbit guts.
    4.) Discard rabbit skin.
    5.) Call girlfriend and scream incoherently into phone (make sure you mention your location).
    6.) Lie perfectly motionless with a bloody hedge trimmer lying nearby and watch her reaction as she walks in.
    7.) Get up and proclaim it all a practical prank, tossing the still (barely) living mangled rabbit at her. (thus the blood on her face)
    8.) Pop a beer and enjoy being a bachelor.

    I’m here for my audition for Fede Alvarez’s The Evil Dea-OH GOOD LORD NO!

    Horror films today skip the Act 1 formalities and just throw blood on the actors from the get-go.

    Candid Camera needs to go all out to get an audience these days.

    Rob Zombie goes all out and routinely kills a best boy just to get reactions out of his actresses.

  5. Stephen N.

    Charlie Sheen “Tiger Blood” Brand Make-up = WINNING

    (Yes I know this a bit tired and overused but what the hell, I’ll submit it anyway)

  6. Stephen N.


    “Minds will be blown when they find out how much you paid for your new Blood-Repelling Handbag.”