Full Metal Jackets: SPOCKKKKKK!!!!

A few weeks back, I posted pictures of a Walmart-exclusive ‘Star Trek into Darkness’ Blu-ray SteelBook that will be released in early September. As I mentioned in that post, I wasn’t fond of the artwork (or of the movie), but felt compelled to own it anyway as a SteelBook fan and ‘Star Trek’ completist. Fortunately, I hadn’t gotten around to ordering. It turns out that Future Shop in Canada will carry its own exclusive SteelBook with better art.

Of course, “better” may be relative in this case. I’d still rather have a cover image that highlighted Kirk and Spock, the Enterprise or other iconic ‘Trek’ elements, rather than Benedict Cumberbatch’s character whose name I’m not supposed to spoil even though anyone can easily guess who he plays. On the other hand, at least this one is the theatrical poster art (derivative of the poster for ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ though it may be) and has a recognizable Starfleet logo prominently featured. That says ‘Star Trek’ to me much better than a generic image of a broody Cumberbatch walking through fire.

Star Trek into Darkness SteelBook

The Future Shop SteelBook will be released on September 12th for a price of $24.99 CAD. Sadly, Future Shop still won’t ship outside of Canada, so (assuming you don’t live there) you’ll need to find a friend in the country willing to pick one up and mail it to you.


  1. Timcharger

    Wow, the inside cover art sucks, too. Unless you live in London, who cares about that skyline? Isn’t San Francisco’s skyline more apt for Star Trek?

    I’m guessing this is a Steelbook whose (yet to be revealed) back cover art will be the best.

    • Josh Zyber

      To be fair, that’s a pretty important scene in the movie. This is the second Paramount film of 2013 in which London gets blown up. Someone at the studio must really hate Will & Kate.

      • Timcharger

        Or it could be that London skyline is already rendered on the computers, so it was less costly?

        Or more likely it’s just attrition. The White House is blown up too many times in too many movies. The Empire State/Chrysler building been there, done that. Eiffel Tower, Great Spinx, Great Wall of China, etc, boorrring.

        What’s next for 2nd/3rd tier destruction porn? The Statue of Liberty at Las Vegas’ New York, New York? The giant ball of twine at rest stop 23? Cleveland’s skyline? (Sorry)

        • William Henley

          I have been thinking for years that it would be nice if filmmakers realized there was mroe to the world rather than LA / San Francisco / New York / DC / Paris / Tokyo. I would love to see Chicago / Dallas / Denver / Kansas City / Vienna / Berlin / Auckland / Sydney / Mexico City / Juarez / Moscow / Kiev / anything in South America or Africa get blown up (in a movie, not in real life).

          Just last week, there was a news story “Woman struck by Taxi cab outside of Fox News Studio”. We were like “Why is this news? Oh, it happened in New York, Fox News just pointed their camera out the window”. It amazes me how the media tends to ignore 95% of the planet.

          • Timcharger

            Moscow got some attention with Mission Impossible 4 blowing it up, but I get your point.

            I still think the inside cover art of a futuristic London is a wrong choice. That scene in the film was a small part. A more destructive metropolitan event occurred later in the film, and that location was more relevant to Trek’s history.

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